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to "my other family"

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Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am feeling better....Went to my Chiro today...Like I told u before...he IS giving me hope. He is a very christian person. So the first thing I asked him today was..."what are you going to do to make me trust you ? How do I know you are right ? I wanted to asked him how do I know it wasn't for the money but I didnt have the ^&*&^%SS....He told me that the first thing was to believe that God wanted us to be healthy....and that he gave us the tools...but is more than just 1 thing....is you attitude...your faith...been compasionate to other people...how you treat you body etc....it was a 45 minutes "meeting " (after hours )I wish english was my first language so I could used the same words that he used with me, cause I know it would help you all soooo much. Well....I believe him.....and I am going to stick to his regimen, and I will let you all know what we are doing....and I hope it helps me so you can all try it...I have an appt. tomorrow with the nutrisionist ( I know y mispelled that ! )but to start he gave me some enzimes and other vitamis to alkaline my body. I believe I also told you that I am having these " ozone baths" and foot detox, massages, adjustments etc....
And like Limey said....we are just a day closer to the cure...so we have to hang in there....
I was so nice to feel the "love" in all of your words from my past post...I do pray for all of you....and I will be at my daugthers wedding !
Love you all and God bless

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I am so happy to hear that you are going to fight this, and I do believe you are using the right tools to do it. You are not one to give up easily and it shows. I pray for you all the time. Just keep that faith!!!

God bless,


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I'm so glad you are feeling better! Everyone has bad days, but I'm glad you found your way out. You have a lot going for you. Keep your positive attitude going and be good to yourself! Enjoy your family and look forward to all good times ahead. Keep believing---we will find the cure!


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I am so happy that you are in better spirits and now have a better outlook at fighting this further. I will be thinking of you..Audrey

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Keep up that great attitude. Sometime we just have to get back in the ring and begin the fight again.

My daughter was married last year. It was beautiful.


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I'm glad you got the boost that you needed to keep fighting.

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I'm so happy to hear you in better spirits. You are doing the right thing--attacking the beast with every weapon there is! Take care.

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Hey alta,
Been out of town but saw your last post and posted back but I am happy to see you are feeling better. I am going to an accupuncturist and I had the same feeling you did but I believe he has helped me. I'm with everyone else, fight with what ever means available and know for a fact you will be at your daughter's wedding and beyond.

Your friend, Robin

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Glad to hear you are feeling better. Keep us posted on what you are going to do. I am very curious to hear what your Chiro is going to come up with.


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So glad that you are feeling better. I know attitude isn't everything, but it can certainly help out a lot. Your chiro sounds like a wise man. I'm glad you found someone who helps you feel better about things. God Bless and keep the faith.

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