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update again

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well- my love Peter is still fighting the fight...he continues to get paracentesis for the ascites and blood for his low hemoglobin..(no more chemo) he has lost sooooo much weight- today after looking in the mirror he said by "looking at himself he should be dead".. I told him he was beautiful- and his looks are a mark of his strength and courage...he is still battling the blood clot and I know his liver is very stressed (he has yellow eyes and jaundiced skin)..but you know what?- his spirit keeps him positive and hoping he can stay "stable"- and not get any worse..maybe before I loose him there will be a medication breakthrough...??? doesn't hurt to hope right?..since without hope..life could be very bleak..

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My heart goes out to both of you. It has taken strength and courage to get to where you are. Yes, without hope, life would be very bleak......

Thanks for your update. You are both in my thoughts and prayers tonight.


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Hi Bev, you and Peter are my heros for the fight you are putting up. Keep being optimistic and searching for the way that Peter will get better. You both are in my prayers.


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Hi Bev,
Continued thoughts and prayers are coming your way; Peter's strength is awesome. Wishing you both continued strength and hope in this fight. Judy

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Bev and Peter,

I am sending hugs and prayers your way.


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Bev, keeping Peter and you in my thoughts and prayers. There is Always Hope, you are right without it life could be bleak. As long as there is a God up above, there is always hope. God Bless and hugs ,

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Oh, Bev. I remember the feeling...I lost 45 pounds. And was bald....sigh....

Peter is lucky to have such a support as you...also you need to do things just for you, too!! Please don't forget....you are important, too!

Hope is such a strong feeling! It can move mountains!
Hugs, Kathi

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Keeping you and Peter in my prayers.

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Hope and faith are two things that have helped me since my father was diagnosed almost two years ago. Hang in there.


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What an inspiration you both are. I hope and pray that Peter will remain stable. Hugs to you both, Audrey.

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Peter and Bev my hopes and best wishes are winging to you across the Pacific. Wishing you both strength and peace. Ron.

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You and he sound like a wonderful couple giving each other support. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

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sending lots of positive energy and prayers

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Your positive energy will help others have the courage to fight. Prayers are being sent your way.
Jo Ann

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thanks so much everyone your thoughts and prayers continue to give me strength

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