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Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia

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If anyone has used this treatment will you please tell me your results. I live in California and have medicare so can you also tell me if and how you used them out of state.



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I had a shot of Lupron followed by 40 radiation treatments over 4 years ago for a very bad case with diagnosis of 2 year survival. It was too late for surgery and the side effects from the radiation are easy to deal with. I lost some hair, had some numbness for a year or so, and bowels are somewhat erratic. The effects from the Lupron are much more permanent but to be here almost 5 years later is amazing. Best of luck!!

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I have met with this group and attended their lectures. I spoke with Dr. Critz personally. He is the best for seed radiology.

I suggest the following....if you are 70+ years in age and if you have heart problems or diabeties than this is a good procedure to consider. If you are in your 60's and in good health, I suggest you consider robotics.
I am 60 and had the sugery....it was painless. No after effects (incontinence or ED). Find the right surgeon and you will be fine. If you want to come to Atlanta, Dr. Fray Marshall at Emory Hospital is one of the best. Over 3000 procedures. He is the Head Of Urology and worked along with Dr. Patrick Walsh at Johns Hopkins.

Good luck, Frank

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