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Below normal temp

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Hi again, Stepson was running a high fever with chills, now it is below normal 95 - 97. It has been fluctuating for a week. First thought it was a bug. Finally Sunday they did lab work. Dr. has him on penicillin waiting for lab results. He is on maintenance chemo and avastin every 2 weeks. We;re into 3rd week now because of scheduling problems. Supposed to have chemo next Mon. Anyone with experience with this. Port looks fine, no redness or soreness. Thanks again for all the help from this site!!!!

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Hi Jan! Has anyone told you that's an unusual thing to have a temp that low? Mine is very typically around 96, 97 degrees, and my nurses never comment on it, so i never assumed it was a big deal. I don't know how low a temp has to be before it's dangerous. I would definately call one of his nurses and ask.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Jan - For what it's worth, my temperature dropped periodically with chemo. It would hover around 96 or so. After finishing chemo, it came back to my normal 98.6ish level.


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Ditto on the low temp during chemo. Mine was always 96. something and I just figured it was better then a high temp. My onc. never commented on it and the nurses said it was fine.

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Thanks so much for the input. The Drs. are "assuming" that it was the port. Had it taken out yesterday. No redness or swelling around the port.

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