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Hi Everyone,
I have posted a message about my wife a a few months ago and I remember receiving great responses from lots of people and I am still very Thankful of all of you
The reason I am starting a new topic is because I have a few concerns about myself:
I have a history of Acid reflux GERD problems
In fact I have passed a couple of times this test called Endoscopy and I was on/off medications like (Losec) as I had difficulties at some point to swallow food due to excess of Acid
Anyway, It has been a few years that I was fine but since a couple of months now I am experiencing lower abdominal pressure or mild very mild burning pain with dry mouth most of the times. Especially when I need spicy food or drink beers etc (The pain is not persistent, I guess it comes and goes based on what I eat)
A few weeks ago, I have noticed some red bright blood on the toilet tissue and I was a little concerned. I did not get the blood since then but sometimes I am really concerned! what if there is blood in my stool and I can't see it? what are the symptoms of Colon cancer? my bowl movements look fine when everything is OK but looks different whe I have that lower right abdominal pressure or dry mouth..




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    See your Doctor without delay! He/she will probably reccommend a colonoscopy. It's the only way to tell for sure if it's colon cancer.
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    I would recommend checking with your doctor and getting a colonoscopy if you have not had one recently. The blood can be from a number of insignificant causes but you want to rule out the significant ones with the colonoscopy.

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    Hi Sam,
    I would go to the doctor asap and request a colonscopy. You cant be too careful these days.

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    Hi , I echo the sentiment... get it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry! Good luck and God Bless.

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    Hmmm, bright red blood means colonoscopy. Probably has nothing to do with your GERD. Many "normal & benign" reasons can cause this, but you NEED to get checked! Insist if the doc says no. :)

    Good luck. jana
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    I could not agree more; please go to your doctor and insist on a colonoscopy. I had three doctors tell me my bleeding was nothing, but fortunately the fourth told me I needed a colonoscopy. In my case, it turned out to be rectal cancer, but my oncologist later told me that the reason doctors are so hesitant to order colonoscopies for bleeding is that 90% of the time it is something minor (usually hemorroids). Here's hoping you are on the good side of the 90%, but please, please get it checked out!