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Question for KathiM

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Hi Kathi! I'm posting this question instead of privately emailing you because i think other women may want to know this. I know you have colorectal cancer and breast cancer. I'm so curious to know if your breast cancer is a metastasis, or a primary? Adenocarcinoma enjoys spreading to the liver and lungs, but i've never heard of it spreading to the breasts. I'm under 40, so i've never had a mammogram. Should i be getting one?

I hope you're done with chemo....I got my pump removed last Thursday, and i still can't get used to being without that nuisance of a bag!

Many hugs!

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Hi Krista
I also have colon and lung cancer and they are both Primary cancers. My breast cancer was dx'd 3 yrs + 1day after my colon cancer. Colon cancer does not usually metastisize to the breast and vice versa. That said, once you have colon cancer you are at high risk for a second primary cancer (my mom and her sister both had two primary cancers) so vigilance and screening on all fronts is a good idea! I had my first mammogram at 34 because of my mother's history.

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Both primary site. Squamous cell for the rectal. Adenocarcinoma for the breast. I have been researching a gene that fools the immune system in some people so that cancer is not battled, it is considered harmless.

I would suggest asking your oncologist about the mammogram. Seems like many of these cases, including 3Cbrca that already responded, are either gene related, or at least Estrogen Receptor positive. My mom has had breast cancer, and endometrial cancer. My grandfather (her dad) died from colon cancer...hummmmmmmmmmm....I have not, and will not, be gene tested....too many negatives from an insurance standpoint...I am already 'red lined' because of the 2 primary sites.

CONGRATS on the pump removal!!!!! I HATED that thing...my pump was so noisy that I had to put it under the bed at night just to sleep.

Hugs, Kathi

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same here...2 primary, colon and breast. Breast dx a year after colon.

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