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Waiting for results

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Hi, All
Just had a biopsy today, and am now in the never-never land of waiting for results. Does anyone have any tips on how to get through the waiting part without driving yourself crazy? And how to stay reasonably functional in the other parts of your life (work, family, etc) while you're waiting? I'm pretty new at this (dx June 07) and any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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Barb, I know how anxious you must be. Waiting is sometimes the hardest part of this all. Think positive thoughts and do your best to go about your daily routine as best you can. Keeping you in my prayers for great results. God Bless


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Hi Barb - waiting is the worst part of this disease. I can tell you that is does get easier - I am 2.5 years out from Stage IV diagnosis - the waiting is easier, but still each upcoming scan (3 month cycle) causes stress. You are early in your journey and so stress is even higher. I'll be thinking of you. Try and laugh (I know that is not easy). Take deep breaths and consider any moments without cancer thoughts to be gifts.

Take care,

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As a federal government employee for the past 27 years (I enlisted at age 17) - I have gotten pretty good at the "Hurry-up..." part, but never really mastered the "...and wait" part.

I find if I just throw myself into a project I can forget about stuff. That method has worked for my birthday, for homework assignments, and for getting results back from tests, promotion boards and selection panels.

Maybe you could tell us some jokes to take your mind off it?

Cheers; be well

- SpongeBob

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I can only imagine how hard it is waiting. I couldnt even wait when it was my dads results. The only thing I can say is try to go out and do things that you really enjoy. That might make the time go by faster. I dont think the drs realize how hard it is for people to wait. I remember my dad waiting over a week for PET Scan results and I thought it was ridicoulous. I wonder sometimes if the Drs have to wait that long when they are waiting for results for themselves. Mindy

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