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    Hi: gayle13, I am a 47yr old male dx. Hodgkins non-sclerosing stage 2B. Had 12 treatments of ABVD chemo 2 weeks apart. Very few side effects from chemo. Prescibed anti-nausea drugs during my chemo (Zofran 8mg)4 tablets, 2 the day before chemo every 12hrs and 2 the day of chemo every 12hrs. I also did Neupogen,Neulasta injections to bring up my white blood cell counts for chemo. Overall very few side effects.
    I would strongly advise to have a central(PIC)line installed for chemo, this saves on the irritation of veins during treatment. Wishing you all the best. Stay positive. (peppi) Kevin (during chemo you need to check your temp every 4 hours.*** Any other questions??? you might have feel free to ask. You can read my personal web-page user name: peppi
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    thank you for responding to my question. i'm a nervous wreck about wednesday..1st chemo. I got the script filled for 10mg compazine but no one told my husband to take it the day before or the day of chemo.my husband is 64 and in great shape.works out everyday and is a health guru..but i see that doesn't make a difference in keeping oneself from getting hodgkin's. i just hope he dosen't get too sick after his treatment. i have read so many bad reactions after the abvd treatment. i'm keeping things normal here which is what he wants..but i'm darn scared. he had his pet scan last wed and this wed after his chemo he has appt with the doctor to find out what stage. he had no symptons at all. he was being examined to have a rectal polyp removed and they found a lymph on the left side of his neck. he had a ct on top and a ct on bottom of his body when he was in for his rectal polyp and they said nothing had spread. i hope the pet scan is ok. they are doing 2 cycles of the abvd and then a pet scan and if it's clean they are doing another 2 cycles. he will go 2 times a month. does the chemo get harder each time. thank you so much for your time.
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    I had 2B nodular schlerosis HD. I had 16 ABVD chemo treatments followed by 35 radiation. I was told that my hair would fall out 14 days after my first chemo. I had almost a month of BHDs - what I called them -(bonus hair days). But when it fell out, it ALL fell out...nose hairs, eyelashes, body hair, head hair, everything. Keep lots of kleenix handy. You'd be surprised how much dirt and dust those little hairs normally keep out of your eyes and nose. Lots of sneezing and sniffling. I got cold easily without body and head hair, so a friend made me a couple of those soft little caps like you see on newborn babies in the hospital to keep my head warm at night when I slept. Nausea was controllable with zofran. All the things you could expect when they dry you out with all those crazy chemo cocktails...constipation...dry skin...chapped lips. All very tolerable with over the counter drug store stuff. I learned to keep a chapstick in every pocket. Lost some weight - enjoyed eating a little more to try to gain it back. Energy was sometimes low. After the first one you will better know what to expect. I agree with Peppi on the line. I had a port-a-cath put in. Made getting chemo and blood draws a piece of cake. Good luck!