2nd infusion with accupunture

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Hey Everybody,
I had my 2nd infusion of oxaliplatum, the 1st one sent me into a funk so bad that I was ready to give up and then God opened my eyes to accupunture. This time was not as bad just really, really, tired but so far no pain. If anyone is considering using accupunture as an add on for pain, nausea control, I would highly recommend it. Just my thoughts. Hope everybody has a great day. Your friend, Robin


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    I would be interested to find out if you are using acupuncture on your feet and hands to ward off the neuropathy or if that is even a possibility. My feet are the worse and after four month of no chemo are still numb and tingly, but getting better. Just remember that the first couple of times with these drugs are the worse. It will get better...just believe that. Good luck to you.