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Birthday Sex!

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Hey all you awesome Semi-Colons!

I hope I got your attention with my subject heading. I figured it would chum more folks in....

THANK YOU for the birthday wishes, belated or otherwise. It was a wonderful birthday. And no, SB, I did not have tofu cake.....duh! I had CARROT CAKE!!

And alas, I have moved on from Birkies to Keens and pretty soon here in the Northwoods it will be mukluk weather anyway while I mush those sled dogs of mine!

Sounds like a good time was had in Nashville....maybe someday.....if you have it somewhere in the Midwest (or the Northwoods).

As the boards get bigger, I seem to be fading so it's a great feeling being remembered by a few of the "oldies" around here. The Newbies just don't know this old radical juice chick since I rarely post anymore and when I do I seem to be stepping on too many toes. sigh.

This past summer was fairly traumatic and zapped all my happy energy so I am quietly trying to recharge my positive energy batteries before I return full force into the fray.

Until then everyone is just gonna have to eat their cheetos guilt free and without controversy.


peace, emily who may be one year older but also wiser.... ;-)

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Hey Emily,

Happy to hear that your birthday was good. It's always pleasant to be able to celebrate the completion of one more year after what we have gone through. Your posts are appreciated and I think it is important for all of us to hear the inspirational story that you and Lisa P (Scouty) give us of your successful fight against the beast using nutritional means and lifestyle changes.

Keep in touch, Dick (older, not always wiser)

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great to hear from you.
no we all need you here(newbies,oldies) for your insite on how to slay this beast, no matter what way you have and continue to beat this.you and the oldies have given myself and many others the inspiration to fight this with all we have.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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Happy B-Day! Carrot or not, its still cake, and you have to have cake on your birthday. Looking forward...
Jo Ann

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By the way thanks for the cheetos they were terrific in Nashville.

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Sex. what about the sex. who the heck cares about cheetos. I got a great pictue of the chicks with the cheetos but didnt put 2 and 2 toghether to figure out it were you who were the culprit.

Happy Bithrday you radical chick. Keep on being an advocate. someday a doctor will listen. Always the best to ya Emily

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I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

We need you.

Em, you along with some of the "oldies" back in 2004 are why I am still alive today!!!!!!

Get your head back to where you want it and then I can't wait to feel how you were when I first met you here. Personally I don't think your need to do as much soul searching as you think you do.

Has anyone sent you the Cheeto photo from Nashville? I told them all you paid for them, since you did!!!! We had a great laugh over it.

Hugs, Lisa P.

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Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

hey girlfriend!

Yes! Limey sent it to me! What a hoot! I paid for it dearly! haha.

Part of the reason I'm not here is just the logistics of time.....my homeschooling senior needs my attention and my little homeschooled one is at that most important point of reading which takes consistency. The other three are off to school (2 in college and with that comes different dynamics but work just the same). On top of that I am trying to train for a triathlon--my first ever.

I had to make some priority choices and the time I used to spend on here has been refocused on the kids and the training.

I am itching like crazy though to respond to the alternatives and chemo thread!! haha! lemme at 'em!! ha!

I'm always just an email away honey.....you know that.

I love you too!

peace, emily who needs to get back to work now.......

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I hope you had a great one. Mine was on the 20th.

I have read many of your posts and you are an inspiration to this stage IV newbie.

Thanks for the hope you have provided to me and others.

I would love to make the next SC meet....

Proud new semi-colon in NC,


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Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

Happy Belated to you newbie!

Thanks for the kind words.

We always need hope.

peace, emily the juice chick

Posts: 80
Joined: Sep 2007

Yes we do need HOPE. And this site has provided just what I need to begin my battle.

Port goes in Tuesday, chemo starts on Friday....

Looking forward to start WINNING this battle.

Even though I am a newb, if ya need me or my wife for anything, let us know.

Praying for you as well as all others here.


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