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The last time I talked to everyone was just before my dad was going to start chemo. Last year he had a tumor removed from his colon along with lymph nodes and was diagnosed with stage 3B cancer. He had 6 months (12 sessions) of preventative chemo. He just had his first colonoscopy since all this has happened. The doctor found & removed 2 polyps. That is where the confusion comes in. I know that polyps are pretty common but since he was on chemo to kill any rapidly growing cells and cancer, how can this happen? We won't find out if the polyps are cancerous or not until next week. It worries me that he went through the chemo to prevent any cancer from growing but it was possibly able to grow?

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Emily -

First let me say that I am very happy that your dad isdoing well! Next I would say that it's totally "normal" to have polyps after chemo - I get scoped yearly and they usually find 2-3 "precancerous" polyps. That's why it is SO important to maintain a robust surveillance regime!

The good thing is that the docs can clip & cauterize these little buggers early and prevent any more serious issues down the road.

- SpongeBob

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Sponge Bob...(I'm not the one that wrote the note) Thanks for your answer. That helped me out, too. Am the same way..Stage III and I only have 3 more treatements (out of 12) to go!
I know I'll have a colonoscopy and was wondering if I'd have polyps as well. (I always have).

You're COOL Sponge Bob!

PS..I had wanted to go to Nashville but since i"m still taking Chemo and blood counts are down,,didn't think it was wise.

Have a blast!

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Once a polyp, always a polyp....sigh....

I agree with Bob...vigilance will win the day. I HATE the scope, never had a polyp (mine was rectal...non-polyper cancer), but still, once a year, I offer up the back of my front side. There is just too much risk after the beast has tried once.

Also, let me be the second (or is it third) to offer congrats to dad!!! (Does she know what's coming???)



(I shall be showcasing this dance in Nashville...no cameras allowed...lol!)

Hugs, Kathi

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I still have the cancer polyps in my colon, and I am getting chemo. ONC says that the chemo wont take care of the polyps...

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I haven't been here for a long time, but am a stage 4 survivor. October 2003 was diagnosed, had surgery to remove a foot of colon, half my liver and 38 lymph nodes in my abdomen. I had 16 chemo treatments. I am doing great. Just visited my onc on Friday and everything looks good. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday-YEAH-my second since surgery. It seems that many of you have them more often. Is there a precident set for how often a person with colon cancer should have a colonoscopy? I have been nervous going two years without a check.

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