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Hi, My name is John, I had Low Anterior Resection 8 months ago and ileostomy reversal 6 months ago, surgeon removed 17 inches of colon,stage 2 polyp in rectum, no chemo or radiation.My biggest problem is extremely erratic bowels, incontience, urgency.I take Imodium but still erratic.Anybody have similar problems or answers.Thanks


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    Hi John,
    I too had LAR surgery and have had the same difficulties, I think taking metimucil every night helps and just watching my diet, I know fiber is good for you but I have to watch how much I ingest. I stay at home a lot and close to the bathrooms when I go anywhere. My surgeon said it would get better. Good Luck.
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    I didn't have the same surgery. I had my rectum removed, an iliostomy and then a reveral. It's been almost 3 years now. When I'm not getting chemo I have 3-4 BMs per day. Fairly formed.
    I agree with the metamucil. I don't use it now (unless I'mon chemo), but when I was trying to retrain my bowel I would have a wafer in the AM and a wafer in the PM. First, I started with a wafer in the AM for a week. Then I added the one at night.
    Shaz Ostomy page (google it) helped me a great deal. These are people who have IBS so bad that they decide to have their large colons removed and live with iliostomies or a JPouch. The jpouch board is where I got the best ideas.
    Good luck!
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    my surgery was Jan. 2006, reversal April, '06. I still have several BM's daily. The rectum is gone, and the portion of colon that remains takes the place of the rectum, but is not as large -- therefore we have less storage room -- therefore more BMs daily. It is a very slow process to get new plumbing to work like the old plumbing. There has been steady, but SLOW improvement over the last couple of years. I try to be constipated if at all possible. My surgeon explained that being consipated actually trains the colon/new rectum and stretches it. Hey, it's a real drag - but it sure beats the alternative. Keep the faith, never give up -- it gets better.
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    Hi, My name is Jim and I am new to this site. I had my rectum removed, an iliostomy and then a reveral. I have been in recovery about 4 years now. I still have problems with frequent BMs, sometimes occurring with a burning type pain. I take 4 to 5 Lomotil (2.5 mg each) per day and recently added 2 Digestive Advantage (IBS formula). I am looking for information from anyone related to improving bowel function. Thanks.