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Quick Survey Results

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Ok, so I was bored.

Remember that these results only reflect my post titled " Quick Survey". I added in the information on Jams post of 60+ ( although I only took the ages as many didn't report their stage or family history)

So, here you are:

From my post only:

Average Age at Diagnosis - 43.76

Percentage of Stage 1 - 2%
Percentage of Stage 2 - 16%
Percentage of Stage 3 - 44%
Percentage of Stage 4 - 38%

Ratio of "Yes" to family history - 22/50 or 44%
Ratio of "No" to family history - 28/50 or 56%

Adding in the ages of 7 people in the 60+ post we get an Average Age at Diagnosis of 45.90 years old.

So there you have it. Maybe we can run another survey and get everyone on the site to post.

Have a great night.


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Our survey is too small and there is not enough info on each person. Small town hopital or large hospital.There are just so many factors involved in this that we could fabricate one faster. If we have scientiest on borad we could start all over. Maybe you could sell our site to The Mayo Clinic and they could study tne data and we would know so much more. Ha (:+)
Jo Ann

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Thanks for doing this Barb. I imagine someone who's stage 3/4 at 44 or 46 would have some discernable evidence of the disease that could be discovered by a colonoscopy at age 40.
I wonder if Stage 1 is under-represented on this board. It may be that a colon resection takes care of it. With no chemo or longer term issues the survivor may feel less need for a support group. I hope that within Canada and USA most people are being diagnosed at Stage 1 and 2!! Surely!!
Rob; in Vancouver

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Ok, Barb,

I have hired a statistician to do this for you. We will formally poll folks from every major country and third world nation. I have translators waiting in the wings to ease any language barriers that we may encounter. I also will have all the credentials pulled from every facility that calls themselves a hospital. In addition to polling folks for age, I will ask how much formal and informal education they have received. We will monitor their computers to verify how many hours they are logged in daily. We will monitor key strokes and which sites they frequent to make sure that they are fairly represented. Then, I'll proceed to find out if they have an HMO or PPO and what their oncologists' protocols were. Anyone using alternative methods alone, in conjunction with chemo or not at all will be divided accordingly. Next, we'll ask about if any immediate family, relatives, neighbors or pets have had colon cancer in this or any past lives.

After that, we will research health habits. Who is a vegetarian, who isn't. Of that who is vegan and who isn't. Alcohol anyone? Who induldges and who doesn't? Who wants to, and who ought to? Just wine and beer or the hard stuff? How often? (Does Mass wine count?) Who smoked, who didn't, who wanted to, and WHAT they smoked. Branching off of that, we'll find out if it was low tar, methol, or illegal. This of course opens up the whole "who has a criminal record and who doesn't" argument. Then we will address who served jail time and what their care was while in prison. Again, breaking everything up geographically.

With regard to staging, another whole avenue must be researched. When were you told your stage? First appt? After surgery? Any recurrences? Any other cancers? How often are you tested? What do those test consist of? CT scans? Colonoscopies? Again, more branching.

And finally, let's talk about NED...When do you consider yourself NED? From diagnosis date? From surgery date? From last chemo date? (from memorable blind dates? lol)

So in a nutshell, Barb, I think your method of calculating things was terrific. There will never be an end to the questions and factors involved in a thorough hospital-dictated-time-consuming investigation of the age of a person with colon cancer. I think you clearly made your point very well....THAT A COLONOSCOPY SHOULD BE DONE BEFORE AGE 50!!!!!

Whew! No more coffee for me! lol

Happy Friday!


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Lisa Rose
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Well said Stacy... Bravo

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