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Anyone out there with this type of cancer? Mine is stage four. Diagnosed in May and am in third cycle of cispaltin/gemzar chemo. Would love to chat with you.

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I have been dealing with carcinoma in situ with BCG treatment and that is completely different. But I didn't want to see your question just handing there without anyone saying anything. I hope you do find someone to talk to.
Take care.


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Thanks, I understand it is pretty rare. My doc is even avoiding my questions. I sure don't feel like I'm on my way out too soon, but have so many questions!!! I'll hope for someone out there to respond!

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I had adenocarcinoma in the bladder in 1989....but it was Stage 1 (T1N0M0). I had the bladder removed and an illeal-loop ursostomy ....works great...
I did loose all kidney function in 1999 (from an unrelated cause).
In 2002 a transplanted kidney was connected to the the 13 yr old urostomy and I have
never had any urinary tract infections.
In 2008, after reducing some of the anti-rejection drug dosages, my renal bloodwork
showed the best results in 35 years

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I had bladder removed Sept. 07 along with prostate & lymph nodes. Prior to that, lost kidney in Sept. 06, had chemo (gemzar and carboplatin. Cancer went to bladder and I had BCG which did not work for me hence the surgery. Now it has spread to the lung area (pleura). I will begin treatment again.

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My husband - he is 76 - was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma/bladder.  The path report stated "carcinoma, plasmacytoid/signet ring cell variant (high grade), invasive into the muscularis propria."  His surgeon used the term adenocarcinoma.

His surgeon believes that he has removed the entire tumor; there is no evidence of metastasis. My husband will be scheduled for surgery to biopsy other parts of the bladder. But otherwise surveillance was what the surgeon offered.

I see this topic was started years ago and hasn't had much action, but...  any information or words of wisdom will be appreciated.



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