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Day after tomorrow

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Hi All. I go in for surgery day after tomorrow for the endometrial cancer I was diagnosed with last month. It was exciting to think that it would be a "clean" surgery - you know, open up, take out the offending organs and close it all up again. Unfortunately, that is not how it's going to be. Since my surgeon is going to have a good look around while he does the hysterectomy, I have to do a &*@#)($! bowel prep just in case he finds something new on the colon. And next month I have to do another (*&@#*$ bowel prep for my first colonoscopy since diagnosis last year. I really, really despise the *&#*&@*#$ bowel preps!

Anyway, just wanted to let y'all know that I will be off the site for about week, as I will be gracing the hospital with my presence. Be kind to yourselves, and I expect to hear all kinds of good NED news when I return!


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Morning Kirsten,

You will be in our thoughts and prayers for Wed.

I am up for my yearly colonoscopy in two weeks. My guy gave me a new prep that is supposed to be pretty decent.

-2 Dulcolax tabs day before (10am)
-bottle of Miralax mixed with 64 oz Gatorade at noon. Drink 8oz every 20-25 minutes.
-2 more Dulcolax at 4pm.

you can substitute Crystal Light or water for the Gatorade( as long as it's clear)

Doesn't sound too bad. I'll let you know!

Best of luck with everything.

Barb ( who is already starting to sweat it out)

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Hi Barb,
Thanks for the good thoughts. And thanks for easing my mind. This doctor gave me the Miralax as well, and after your reply I don't dread it so much. Good luck with your colonoscopy; may your colon be clean as a whistle:)
Take care,

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Best of luck to you.

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Struth Kirsten! I never knew that bowel preps could be so "colourfull"....lol!
All tha best from us here in oz. I've had...aw...6 preps and I still gag at tha thought!Stay safe and come thru with flying colours gal.
Barb....hiya Barb......from Ross n Jen

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Struth? Struth? I love it! SIX preps? Ah well, I suppose those in our position may as well get used to it... I certainly plan to come back and plague everyone with my witless input. Meanwhile, take care.

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Thank you so much! I feel fortified after getting so many good wishes!

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Dear Kirsten and Barb,

First Kirsten, I had the same surgery scheduled last year and ended up only having the ovaries removed (regarding the hysterectomy) and upon observation for other tumors, he found another between the rectum and vagina. It was a fairly easy surgery, only in hospital 2 days and would of been a quick recovery except I developed a blockage from a rare problem of Meckels Diverticulum (like appendicitis of small intestines-birth defect and rare) from adhesions and ended up back for more surgery 5 days later. Best of Luck with your surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery.
Hey Barb, as for that prep-I did that exact one last time and it was so much easier on both the bum and stomach. No nausea or sore bottom. I don't really dread it anymore because of the mild effects of the Miralax. Hope your test shows clean results!!! (in both ways!!)

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Hi Kandy,
You make it sound so easy, but I know it couldn't have been a walk in the park for you! I have never heard of Mekels Diverticulum, but it sounds painful. My surgeon is going to use some sort of film that becomes a gel that is then absorbed into the body to avoid adhesions. He plans to remove all scar tissue from the colectomy, remove the external scar, and create a new one. Also, he promised to remove my "kangaroo" pouch (you know, that pocket of fat that NEVER goes away); the thing I call my third stomach:) He did say that he was going to remove all reproductive organs, since I have HNPCC and the risks are really high if we leave anything.

Also, he did tell me to use the Miralax, so after hearing from you and Barb, I am not dreading tomorrow so much.

Thanks so much for the input and good wishes. I shall return!


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Hi Kirsten,
I'm so sorry that you have to do the prep twice. You'd think that they could take care of both procedures at once and be done with it!

I'm sending positive energy your way for a speedy recovery after surgery!

Take care,

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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the positive energy! I am getting all kinds of suggestions for alternative preps that aren't so hard on you. As for doing both procedures at once, I am already having a vascular surgeon put a filter into the vena cava to prevent clots from moving to heart/lungs. Getting my two surgeons to find a mutually agreeable time was a little like Richard Gere's tap dancing in "Chicago", so I didn't dare ask for a colonoscopy at the same time. Imagine coordinating all three guys at the same time!

Anyway, thanks again. As always, everyone on this site has something positive to offer, and I always feel better after coming here.

Bless you,

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My thoughts go out to you.

I too, know what it's like for bowel prep. I had to have 3 in 3 months! so I know which prep I like! It's the fleets. 3 oz bottle.

You drink half (only 1-1/2 oz) about 4pm with lots of water...Then wait 4 hours and drink the rest. Your done! and wait for it to happen. Ha! Feel skinny when it's over!

Wishing your energy and strength!


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Thank you for the good wishes, Claudia. I am so lucky to have support from you and others on this site! I haven't heard of the 3 oz Fleets prep. I have only heard of the enemas. It sounds a lot easier than the others. I will suggest it to my GI doc before next month's colonoscopy. Thanks for the input!

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I had that surgery in 1999 and they took out all feminine part including ovaries and cervix. I think it is great that he is checking everything out. No one ever told me that with the e. cancer I was at increased risk for colon cancer. After 7 years I thought my cancer days were over and then I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer last year. It is better to keep checking it out then find it too late...kudos to your dr. and best to wishes for a speedy recovery and good prognosis.

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Thank you for your good energy. I'm so sorry you got diagnosed at Stage IV. I REALLY, REALLY wish that all doctors would look past their own little specialty body part(s)! After getting educated about the risks, I feel good that my new doc also is being aggresive and proactive. I have been very fortunate with every doctor I have had interaction with; they have all looked further than the strictly obvious and have all been aggressive.

Where are you in your recovery process right now? I am praying for you and your medical team.


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Thanks for the update, sounds like you got your cold beat! You'll be in my thoughts and prayes over the coming weeks. I look forward to hearing the good news of a successful procedure.
Bowel preps! shudder! shudder! Mine have all been with Fleet... yeechhh!
Blessings... Rob

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Good luck with your surgery. Will pray for a good outcome. Even though it might seem like alot to ask you might contact one of the GI doctors or Colorectal surgeons to see if the colonoscopy could be done at the beginning of the procedure when you are asleep. It wouldn't take them long and would be easier for you then to do it when you are still recovering from the surgery. Here's hoping they could do that.


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Struth?????????? Oh....sorry Kirsten. I've been awol for a while and forget that some newcomers here don't know I am from down under. My ozzie slang often bewilders them.
Just for an extra bit of info for others. Some of us have had quite a bit of colon removed...bummer...hey...but all is not so bad. My surgeon told me that as I have less piping to clean I don't need to drink the full quota of prep....so long as the bowel motions run "clear" is all that is needed.
So I cheat...he!he! Never had to do a re-run and less time on the "john"(toilet)
Hopefully you will be back with us soon!

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Best of luck on your surgery tomorrow I will be praying for you. It sucks doing the bowel preps. I have to do one next month for my colonoscopy, but that may get postponed since I just got out of the hospital last week for a small bowel obstruction. I had a hysterectomy at the time of my bowel resection so I would say let that surgeon take it all. I will be thinking about you.


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I'm sending big hugs....

I had my rectum, sig colon, and a total hysterectomy done at the same time....bowel prep was, well, nasty...

BUT that was 2.5 years ago, and...well...I usually start the 'prep' 2 days before...by eating light and drinking LOTS of fluid...and fruit juice that I KNOW will cause, well, cleanliness (apple juice works best for me).

Then, day before, Ducolax, afternoon before, ONE 1,5 oz bottle of Phospho mixed with Don Jose margarita mix...LOTS of water after...

I LIKE the thought of kinder, gentler...hummm, just rescheduled my scopy till August....I'll have to ask about Miralax...

Hugs, Kathi

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Sorry to respond so late, I've been away, but hope and pray all went well and we'll be seeing a good post from you soon!

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