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Can we give blood?

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Hi Everyone,

Before my diagnosis I gave blood at least twice a year. I am O positive that everyone can use so I feel obligated not to mention growing up, my Mom had all 6 of us kids donating blood as soon as The Red Cross would take it.

For some reason I am thinking I can no longer give it since I have had cancer. I will call and ask but was wondering if anyone out there knew for sure. This time of year they really need blood and I always donated around July 4th.

Thanks in advance.

Lisa P.

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Hi Lisa -

I used to give blood twice a year also. (I'm O negative, so even MORE people can take my blood!!!)

Here's an ACS link that indicates you have to be 5 years out (from something) in order to donate:


I checked American Red Cross. They say that blood cancer / lymphatic cancer patients can never donate. Others can donate if it has been 5 years since treatment and there has been no recurrence.

So, I guess we have to wait. I'm OK with that - the scariest part of my colon surgery was getting 2 blood transfusions (due to serious anemia). I have to say they were careful. Two nurses spent about 30 minutes reading things back and forth to one another before hanging the blood - each time. And then I had more nursing attention that day than any other. It took around 8-10 hours to infuse the two bags of blood. I am glad they are being careful.

Be good,

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Hey there, Darlin'

Greetings from (censored)! We're out here doing a lot of (censored) and (censored). I'm really looking forward to pulling into (censored). I'm feeling absolutely (censored).

Anyway, the word I got from my military handlers is that they don't want my blood ever. Same with donating organs. I guess folks don't want rebuilt parts that might have to go back to the factory for some warranty work, eh?

See you in Nashville! I hear I may need to bring along my bullet-proof vest from the ship? What a pain in the (censored).

Love ya!

- SB

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BAH HA BAH HA BAH HA!!!! I cannot believe how funny that message is!

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Hey, my Love, SpongeBob -
I forgot to tell you - the girls and I will be getting nice colorectal blue Kevlars for our Nashville trip! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003


And Katie, I already know what your favorite James Bond movie is! HAHAHAHAHAHA

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I have no freaking idea what y'all are talking about but somehow I knew I would hear from you Sponger and then Stacy. Katie, you will have to educate me on what the heck a Kevlar is cuz I don't just wear anything and I am not saying anything more but know some of you will.

Sponger, I don't think you'll need a bulletproof vest but you could use an "angry, vindictive, unstable person repellent". I'm sure your military handlers have lots of that in stock especially in the DC area.

Hugs to all, Lisa P.

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This is all so flippin' funny, I cannot stop laughing! That repellent you refer to may have to be handed out in the Palooza gift bags I'm putting together!

The real question of the hour is: What drink has the following ingredients: Vodka, Kahlua, and cream?

(Uh, yeah, I felt the need to drop more hot water down the rabbit hole!)

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Kevlar is a commercial name for the material used in bulletproof vests.

Lord knows I could have used that "angry, vindictive, unstable person repellent" a couple of times over the past 20 years! (as I'm sure many of us could)

See you soon!

- SB

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Hey girls, I'm so glad they are blue - not brown.

See you in September.


P.S. James Bond? I thought it was Hannibal? remember, caviar, favre beans and a nice chianti?

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Lisa Rose
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You are so right Kerry it was Silence of the Lambs (Hannibal Lector)

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Hi Lisa,
In Australia they let me donate again after year five. I've been donating two to three times a year ever since. (what's a few more needles to some one who had 48 sessions of chemo via canula.) Enjoy your party ,think of me when you are having fun Cheers Ron.

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I got 3 units during surgery. Could be why I'm doing so well. They exchanged my tainted blood for some good stuff.
Jo Ann

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Hi-de ho, I was always wondering the same thing,so now I am glad for an answer. I figured our blood would be tainted somewhat from Chemo for quite sometime.
I just got back to visiting these pages (haven't in like a year or more) and it was great to see names I still reconized from posting B-4. Once a semi-colon, always a semi-colon!
Thanks Amy, aka slammer

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