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Go-Lytely anyone?

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Hi all. The annual colonoscopy is coming up in July and I was wondering if any of you used the Go-Lytely prep (Colyte). I used that nasty phosphosoda last year. Anyone used this Go-Lytely? How did it come "out"? He he he. Pun intended.

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I prefer the fleet. The Go-Lytely you have to drink too much. I actually vomited when taking it. They have new stuff out now - a pill I'm told. Good luck.

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Heck, I vomited with the phosphosoda my second time around! I was a little worried about the amount of liquid one has to take with this Go-Lytely brand...

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I've read about the "pill." I guess, from what I've read, it is not for everyone. I have a feeling my surgeon wants a very thorough cleanout and she might not feel the pill would give her that. But I'll ask.

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Hi Patrusha,
Good to hear from you. I think last time I used go-lytely. If I remember the jug was about 1/2 the size of the other stuff. I usually don't have a problem with the taste, the trick I use is a straw. I works fine for me because it goes past your taste buds. good luck with the scope.
Be Well
Never,ever give up!!!

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Hi Patrusha,

I used the Go-Lytely for my first scope. I then discovered the Half-Lytely. Same great taste, 1/2 the size.

Seriously, it does a fine job, but it is a LOT to drink. Can mix with some crystal light to improve the boiled-sneaker taste, just ask pharmacist. All 3 of my gi's requested it and I asked for the half-lytely for the last two. Made me sick to my stomach the last time I used it, but I kept it down. May also have to do with the last GI asking me to take other laxatives with it as well.

Good luck on your upcoming scope.

I'm going to try Bruce's idea of a straw next time. Might help. Oh, and make sure it is super cold. That helps.


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All great suggestions, chynabear. My family doc was the one who ordered the phosphosoda last year. This year, my surgeon is the one who ordered the go-lytely. Maybe I'll call her office and ask about the half-lytely. I'll be sure and make it very cold and have some Crystal light on hand.

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Hi Bruce! I've been lurking about, keeping up on all of my friends, including you! I'll use the straw and see how that goes. Thanks!

Posts: 488
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Hi Bruce! I've been lurking about, keeping up on all of my friends, including you! I'll use the straw and see how that goes. Thanks!

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For some reason I can't seem to post under your comment, Bruce, so I posted this a couple of times just so you'd see it! LOL!!!!

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When I had my colon surgery, my surgeon wanted me to use "Go-Lytely". I thought it was awful - a ton to drink and almost made me vomit. The phos-soda is much easier (and safe as long as you drink plenty of water - which is must more palatable to me than the salty Go-Lytely!)

Good luck,

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Just to comment, I just read on "About Colon Cancer" that the Visicol (pill) prep was considered the most thorough cleansing prep now. I will do no other, as I cannot get the rest down. Whatever prep you can do is the best, of course. I don't know most of you, I know I am new to posting here but I still thought I'd throw in my two cents. Oh for the days to come of better preps.

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One of my friends took the pills (all 30 of them). I can't remember the time frame, but I think it was 3 pills every 10 minutes or so. The pills did not completely clean her out, so the GI was only able to do about half the colonoscopy. He told her to come back in 5 years. Ridiculous! I'm still trying to get her to go back now for a colonoscopy and use any prep other than the pills.

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I am not much of a drinker so these preps kill me. However, my doctor recommends the Colyte. I have tried the half-lytley and I found that to be harsher. I know it is a lot to drink, but keep it in the frig and do use the straw as others have said. I also hold my nose and drink as fast as I can. Damn, brutal preps. Those pills require alot of drinking also. I have never tried them. Good luck with it.

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I use something very similar to your stuff, it's called Trilyte. It is the gallon jug that you have to drink every 10 minutes but my GI Doc (well-known) informed me that the Fleet soda can cause liver problems and mess with your electrolytes and that the Trilyte does not interfer with your internal system.

It's not easy drinking 8oz of liquid every 10 minutes but you only have to do this until the other end comes out in somewhat clear liquid. Also with the Trilyte regime, my GI Doc has me a follow a "low residue" diet 3 days prior to the colonoscopy.

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I've learned that the whole key to being clean, regardless of the prep is to fast as long as possible (except for the broth, jello, etc.) and to make your appointment as soon as possible after your prep. If too much time elapses, bile starts to build up in your colon and that can screw up the colonoscopy! Now I always schedule the scope first thing in the morning. That way I am good to go and no bile has built up. I have used the PhosphoSoda and the Half-Lytely. I think the Fleets soda is easier to tolerate personally. It was all I could do not to barf when I did the Half-Lytely. It did get me all cleaned out though!
Best wishes,

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Thanks everybody! LOL! Nothing like the topic of colon cleansing to get everybody chiming in, eh? I have a fatty liver, which might be why the surgeon doesn't want to go with the phosphosoda, but I'll still ask about the pills. I'm a big water drinker so perhaps the Go-Lytely won't be so bad in my case. Unfortunately, my exam isn't until 4 p.m. so hopefully the bile won't be built up by then. I'll have to time the prep just right...

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You had to ask.....so here comes my very involved answer. I used the Fleet phopho soda for my first colonoscopy, and got tremendously sick with nausea and vomiting in the a.m, in addition to terrible stomach cramps with the diarrhea. So...for my surgical prep, we tried the go-litely, and I nearly was not able to have the surgery....started puking again, really projectile vomiting. Decades ago, I used Citrate of Mag for surgical prep without too much problem, so tried that for my next colonoscopy, but again started with the puking and had to re-schedule. My GI doc, god love him, took my problems with the preps very seriously. Apparantly the Fleet phospho can cause renal damage, related to dehydration, but not always caused by just not drinking enough. Since it makes me hurl, he didn't want to take any chances. I believe there is a similar problem with the pills, which also require a lot of drinking. The answer for me is a Miralax prep....odorless, tasteless powder, mixed with clear Gatorade (watermelon ice is my fave). As others have said, a low residue diet for a few days helps; I do clear liquids for a day and a half, too, and been clean as a whistle. Good luck with this. Judy

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Hi Judy,
I'm with you . I've tried everything and what hasn't made me violently ill has had a serious effect on my liver and kidneys. I'm starting to think that perhaps a long piece of string tied to the pointy end of a small cypress pine might well be the best solution,cheers Ron.

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