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Anyone with some answers about permanent ileostomy

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I have had a permanent ileostomy for a year and just found out they did not remove the entire rectum. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2004. I have been bleeding from thr rectum since the permanent ileostomy. Is it normal? The Dr. say it is but I am not so sure. I have a small piece of rectum left and the Dr's. I have been seeing lately want me to have it all removed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I really don't have any advice. I've had a permanent colostomy for over 3 years and my entire rectum was removed. I was under the impression that that was standard if it was going to be permanent, but I don't have any real knowledge.
I hope everything works out for you!
Take care,

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I'm in a similar position to Jamie. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. My surgery involved removing the rectum and a permanent colostomy. If you want any input regarding removal of rectum, I'm happy to try to help. It seems you are facing a decision regarding surgery -- can your doctors provide you with "pros and cons' or information to help your decision-making? Thinking of you and best wishes.

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I noticed your question and thought you might benefit from the United Ostomy Association discussion board where quite a few of us cancer survivors compare notes and tips on situations like yours.My name over there is JamesR. Please join us at http://www.uoaa.org/forum/index.php

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