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CA-125 results

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I had good news yesterday on the latest CA-125 results after four chemos. Started at 2988 May 3 and after 4 chemos of taxol and carbo I have a reading of 35. Still waiting on the Thurs. CT scan but it looks like I can have the debulking surgery now. Thank you for the prayers and care you send for me.

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YIPPEE!!!!!! Your number is in the 'normal' range! Wow, that Taxol and Carbo did it's trick! Keep us posted about when your surgery is, etc. Take good care, with hugs, MM

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Saundra, Isn't that amazing to see the #'s fall so fast! Your ct will be interesting. Really good luck on the surgery. You are doing so well! Keep up the good spirits and imagine yourself well! All the best to you, hugs, prayers and good thoughts abound.

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Congratulations on achieving those numbers and after surgery lets hope and pray the numbers continue to decrease even further.Irene

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How wonderful for you!!!! I'll be praying for a successful debulking surgery for you. (((hugz)))..Joanne

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Saundra, Oh My Gosh that is fantastic with no debulking and only 4 chemos. Its amazing, keep praying, and good luch with the surgery!
You are in my prayers! Jan

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Saundra, that is amazing!!! I have said prayers of thanksgiving for you and now will pray for surgery to be a success also. Praying you through this next leg of this journey. Hugs N Prayers BonnieRose

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