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For IIeana and all newbies.

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Hello, I am now in my 14th year since stage 4 Colon Cancer, amd am NED. A brief history.
1993 Dec. Diagnosed with Colon Cancer.
Hemicolectomy and wedge resection of large liver met Dec 20th 1993.
I had 52 weekly infusions of 5fu, plus levamosole every second week for 3 days.

Next year I had a partial mastectomy, pre-cancerous tumour, and the following year removal of my right ovary and tumour also pre-cancerous.
Since then I have had a few bits and pieces removed all pre-cancerous and all right sided.!!!!

I am ashamed to say the only info I was given was take a multi- vitamin and mineral tablet daily, and cut down on red meat. So that was all I did.
I had no Dr. other than my small Country Town Surgeon [ General], just repeated blood tests and scans. This was enough in my case to pick up all signs of further mets and get them treated very early.

I still see a Surgeon [mine has retired] every 6 months, and have just gone on to 6 monthly CEA's.

My CEA has remained about 8 which they have decided is my normal. This test was not available in 1993 in New Zealand, so I do not know what my level was at diagnosis.

I am due for cea again, BUT DO NOT EXPECT ANY CHANGES.

I just hope that my story can give some hope to all of you out there now fighting the beast.


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Foxy -

What a great story. You are an inspiration to so many people. You make a huge difference on this board!

Thank you for sharing.

Be well

- SpongeBob

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Hi Virginia,

Thanks for sharing your successful story! Congratulaion on your victories!



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Thanks for replying..I know this is going to help sooo many people....Maybe red meat is the answer ) among other things) I also cut 100% the meat...I just refuse to eat it...one of these days I'm going to lay and egg !!!!( to much chicken) and fish....I also take about 20 different vitamins a day..and cut on sugar...I believe that all these things plus a positive attitude ( or change of)....visualization and prayers are giving us the answers...maybe...just maybe ??????
God bless

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When you lay that egg, let me know, and I will pay for it to be shipped here to New Zealand.
On a more serious note, my Surgeon told me to take the vitamins because I also had a large portion of my small bowel removed too, my tumour was near the appendix. Things are not all great, but I survive!!!

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What a great story Virginia,is so good to know about stories like yours, it gives so much hope to everyone specially the newbies, thanks so much for sharing and God bless you.

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Hi Babs, my Dr told me to take the vitamins etc, because of the amount of colon plus small bowel he had to remove. My tumour was in the ascending colon and very near the appendix, which was also removed. Yes I have read about Vit D. i have never thought I have had a problem, as we are Dairy farmers, and I get heaps of sunshine, plus good real food.

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Hi Virginia -

Your messages are always so full of hope. I am two years post Stage IV diagnosis and almost 2 years NED. Hearing about someone who is a 14 year survivor really keeps me going!

Take care,Betsy

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Thank you for sharing. I feel better after reading about your success.
Jo Ann

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Congrats Virginnia,
14 years ,that almost makes the levamisole worthwhile(almost). Hope your health is stable, you are still my favourite Kiwi,hugs Ron.

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Hi Ron, the newbies are very lucky not to have the levamisole like us, what a terrible drug!!!! I will never take it again, and I am sure you will not either. After all these years it still is my no 1 dreaded treatment. Often think about you Ron, and I do hope life is treating you better now.


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Thank you so much for your story of encouragement. God Bless

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Thank you Foxy! I'm always hungry to hear stories from long term survivors and your story is inspiring! 14 years, no less! Wow. Thanks for the positive encouragement.

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Hey Virginia...hope you get to read my late posting. Great to hear you doing well. Always good to hear the stories that give hope to others. Jen and I have been away for 2 weeks so I have a lot of catching up to do reading posts.
Met a couple holidaying here in oz from Auckland last week.
Stay safe and be well gal.....love n huggs.... Ross n Jen

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Hey Foxy Lady!
Great to hear from you. You continue to be an inspiration to me and so many others! Thank you for posting your story to remind everyone here, once again, that we can beat this thing and that there are LONG TERM survivors out there!
Susan H.

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I am one of those newbies and I can't tell you how encouraging your posting was for me. On Tuesday I go for my first follow up after completing treatment. As the day gets nearer I am spending more time worrying about the cancer coming back. I feel like such an idiot since worrying about it won't change anything. I just don't seem to be able to stop. Your post and those of other survivors help me realize even a recurrence of the cancer doesn't mean the end of the line. Thanks for being there for those of us that are still early in our walk with cancer.

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