My Father's Path Report

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Well the report was released to my Dad's GP and it appears that the lesion found during the re-section was 4mm's wide by 2mms deep. The deepest tissue that it penetrated was the sub-mucosa and it was classed as a low grade lesion.
The home care nurse was in this morning and she works as an oncology nurse in addition to doing home care. She was able to read the report and told my parents that my Dad is a Stage 1. All I can say is wow!!!! We are living proof that routine colonoscopies save lives. Twice this year my Father has been diagnosed with cancer. In January with cancer of the tongue, and now with colon cancer. Because of early detection he was lucky enough to catch things relatively early. THe one very sad thing is that my Father is 60. He has since the age of 50 been asking his GP for a colonoscopy. The dr told him it wasn't necessary. He didn't have any symptoms. He would give him the hemmocult kit and that was it. Twice prior to this year the hemmocult was negative. This time not. So finally the dr agreed to the colonoscopy. Please everyone push to have a colonscopy.
Thanks for listening to me ramble.


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    That's great news Paula. Make sure they keep regularly checking your dad. One shouldn't have to fight for a colonoscopy when one is over 50. For that matter, no one should have to. There are alot of people on this board under 50.

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    Hi Paula,
    It's wonderful to hear of your father's good news. What a relief for you all. Now you can enjoy the summer!!
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    Great news Paula. God Bless

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    Hi Paula,

    I'm glad that it was caught early. Like the others said at 50 you should not have to fight with the GP for a colonoscopy. They should be fighting for you to get one. I was dx at 42 and I wish that I had spoken up sooner since I'm stage 3. I was having symptoms but who knew. This is why we all talk about getting the message out there what the symptoms could be so other younger then 50 don't just let it go. Give your dad a big hug and tell him how we are all still pulling for him. Also celebrate!

    Lisa F.