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questions loss of lower body strength

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I was sent to physical therapy today. And I am needing surgery again soon, but she said I have no lower body strength. With all the surgeries I have had. I don't know if this is normal or not.

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Hey you! I was wondering how you've been. Have you had any answers about loss of strength?
I will be praying for you. Remember, you have a graduation to get to next week!!
God bless, talk to you soon!

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I am so confused when I had a permanent ileostomy a year ago, they said they removed the rectum, they recently have found out that the did not remove all of it. So now they want to do another surgery to remove it all. I have had 3 surgeries but I am also having discharge and blood leaking from the rectum. I am called and called and everytime they say it is normal. I don't think this is normal. So I went to a Dr. in Winston-Salem N.C. and he said they should have removed it all, I went to see my cancer Dr. and he says it all needs to be removed or I will get cancer there again. Anyone with answers I sure would appreciate them.

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