Bananna Smoothie REDI-CAT????

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Ok, so, now they have tried one more way to make barium less yucky...I had my choice between Banana and Berry Redi-cat for my CT scan....neither was wonderful...sigh...

Both the MRI and the CT Scan are done now....just waiting on the results...MAJOR headache...I told the tech yesterday that I just don't do 'patient' well anymore, so the results better be!

Hugs, Kathi


  • nudgie
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    I am sending GOOD VIBES your way along with prayers. Let us all know the result. Too bad you can't add some rum, vodak, etc to the nasty SH_T!
  • Limey
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    Hey good luck Kaqthy on your results. I had my scan today and had to drink some stuff to protect my Kidney as my creatin was elevated. It stunk just like rotten eggs. and guess what, It smells the same way two hours later coming out the other end. what we do for fun.
    Positive thoughts for you on good results.
  • taraHK
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    Thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way.
  • HowardJ
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    I prefer bananna and berry to any of the others. Good luck with the scans!!

  • hopefulone
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    Kathi, prayers for all clear results! I know the waiting is so difficult . I hope you get the results quickly and look forward to the NAKED HAPPY DANCE post . Keep the faith.

    Hugs, Diane
  • betina61
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    Kathi, sending you positives thoughts,for clear scans, let us know as soon as you know so that we could celebrate together.
  • sladich
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    My office uses the stuff you mix with Hawiaan punch. Not bad at all. I've had the banana before, not too bad. Best of luck on the news! I know what you are going through. I have at CT scan every 2 months.