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So GOOD to be back!!!

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Hi All--- Boy it has been a long time!! I was here a couple of years ago after going through the radiation/surgery/chemo show with rectal cancer. Back then I was just MJay. Everyone was so helpful. Not long after all was done my hubby decided he no longer wanted to be married and left...... This kind of story used to amaze me! Wondered how anyone could ever do that to another human being. Then it happened to me. First cancer. Then divorce. All within a year.

Anyway... after taking a break, I am back. Better than ever before... that is why I am MJay2. It is so good to see some old names. I am sorry to see so many new names. When I left last we were about 10,000 members under the Breast Cancer group. WOW!! I can't believe how many members we have now. Sad... but cool too.

This site and all the good people on it were such blessings to me while I tried to figure out this cancer thing. Today I just had my 6 month follow up and I remain cancer free. Husband free too. (Hee Hee~ sorry.)

Believe it or not... I am far happier after cancer. And after divorce. I didn't know I was that unhappy. I know that without travelling this cancer journey I never would have been able to see things for what they were and let them go.

I don't wish cancer on anyone, but I am glad the end result for me is a better, happier, brighter future.

God Bless!!!

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HEY MJAY!!!!!!!!

Welcome home and it is great to hear from you again. You sound fantastic and I am so proud of you girlfriend. I am also very happy with your recent test results!!!!!

Thanks for checking in and please don't stay away so long again!!!!!

Hugs, Lisa P.

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Hey, welcome back! Even tho, by your standards, I am a newbie to the group...

It IS amazing isn't it how our lives change. Priorities are different, just feeling happy about waking in the morning!

I could go on for hours about why people leave...but, in short, it happens mostly when one person changes dramatically, and the other doesn't. This leads to a general giving up. It's hard to ride the coaster ride of cancer survivors...as a caregiver, you must learn to accept this new person as the old person's replacement. Can be quite threatening.

My beau is hanging on. So far. We have agreed that when I started talking cancer, he is free to leave the room. I go to Relays with my cancer buddies...he stays home. We talk about misunderstandings.

But, yeah, I like the 'new' me! I love more freely, see the beauty in things more clearly. I have the strength to deal with the deaths of my ex and my daughter.

Welcome back to the semi-colons! Please share your wisdom!

Hugs, kathi

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Hi MJay,

Welcome back. It is nice to hear from you. You helped me through some very rough patches that I had. I am happy to hear that you are doing well. Congrats on remaining cancer free. I have a cat scan next week. I hope to post good results also.

Stay in touch there are many of us oldies still here.


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Maureen!!! I am SO happy to hear from you! You brought an instant smile to my face!!

Hang in there girl! The good news is coming!


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Hi Mjay,
It's good to hear from you. I'm glad things are going well and that you are happy!
Take care,

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