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Colon Cancer... Now spots on the Liver!!

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Hi, I was hoping to get a little input from some of you. My dad (he is 76) was diagnosed with colon cancer Nov. 05 he had about a foot of his colon removed. While in surgery they found out that he was in stage 3 colon cancer so it was had already made it to his lymph nodes. After he finished with surgery he started his chemo and he had a rough go at that. It was very hard on him and he lost a lot of weight. He was also anemic and low on iron the entire time he took chemo. He was getting so weak that they stopped the chemo a week earlier, because the Dr. didn't think he would be able to take it. Well, anyway he has been feeling much better and back to his wonderful self and the best grandpa ever. Then we went to the Dr. in Feb. for his normal testing and they found 3 spots on his liver. The Dr. told us they were too small to test or do anything with and that we would do another MRI in 2 months. So, he just did his MRI last Monday and we are going in this Monday the 30th to find out the results. I am scared to death to hear what they have to say, I know it will just kill me. We are a very close family and we will be there for him every step of the way, but it will be very hard. He has already told us that he will NOT go through Chemo again it was just to hard on him. Has anyone ever had anyone have this same thing happen and if so what are the chances that he has when they do not take chemo if it is cancer again? I an very scared for him and I do not ever want to see him suffer or feel any pain. My parents had me late in life and I am only 36 years old and I feel I should have so much more time with him, I love him dearly. We do everything together. I have only lost one other person in my live that was very very dear to me and that was my daughter (she was almost 2) so when something happens to my dad I don't know how I am going to handle it. Please help me anyway you can and please be honest.
Thanks so much!!

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Sorry for you news but hope is always there and good results can happen. On this site you will find many that have gone back to chemo after a rough time and found it to be quite tollerable. I am one of them. You will also find people who have choosen to attach this beast with diet, suppliments and attitude, and many are doing just fine. I have chosen a combo method of chemo and suppliments and a posi attitude. Today is a good day. So was yesterday, and the day before. Tomorrow is looking pretty darn good. I had stage II colon C & it returned as stage IV with mets to my liver. Liver mets are gone today and the other tumors are shrinking. Remember there is always hope.
I will pray your dad makes the right decision and that he finds peace.

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Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me!! If there is bad news I will show this to my dad and then he can make his decision from there. I just want him to know that I will be there for him no matter what he decides to do.

Thanks again..

I wish for you many good days ahead!!

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I was diagnosed stage 3 same as your Dad. I had a recurrance and it came back in my liver also. After another round of treatment, the last scan showed the liver met was gone! Right now I'm enjoying some cancer free time!! There is always hope. Let your Dad read some of the remarkable stories of stage 4 survivors.


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Where do I find these stories to read? I would love to read them and also share them with him.

Thanks so much,

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here !you will be hearing from them...also go back a few weeks ago and you will find a message that I sent with a bunch of stage iv survivors...
Tell him to stay positive...
God Bless

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Ok! Great, Thanks. One thing is that he always thinks positive and he is a fighter and he never gives up. He is still very active and keeps him self busy and we keep him busy as well.

Thanks again, Dana

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I have 3 spots on my liver that get noted every time a scan is done....they never change.....

During my resection, my surgeon took a direct look, wasn't concerned.

Hugs, Kathi

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Oh, really!! I have such mixed feelings right just wondering what the out come will be, but I sure hope that the spots will stay the same like yours. We will get the results back on Monday, I will write and let you know. Please pray for us. Thanks!!

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Hi. sorry to hear about your dad's reoccurrance. My husband also has multiple liver mets. He is on avastin/oxal and oral xeloda . The mets appear to be shrinking (this is his 3rd cycle)and we are hopeful that cryosurgery/resection or radio frequency ablation may be future options for him. Tell your Dad that even since 05 there have been advances in treatment. I Don't know what chemo protocol he was on previously, but my husband (only) goes once every 3 weeks for iv's for about 4 hrs and takes oral pill xeloda for 14 days and rest cycle for 7 days. Doesn't wear the pump etc. Side effects so far have not been major and my husband has returned to work for now even at his own insistance. Check with the onc to see what type of chemo they might think is needed first . It may not be the same as he had before producing less side effects this time. Good luck and God Bless. Diane

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Hi Hopefulone,
Has your husband had the r.f.a. yet? Make sure they do it under a general aneastetic, just had my kidney done in Toronto with just i.v. pain med nurse and although she did the absolute best she could I was still in excruciating pain.

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If you look to left at the list of other places on this site, pick personal web pages and you can read about my story as well as many others stage IV survivors. I had liver mets which are now gone and I never had surgery. My journey started over 3 years ago and I am currently NED (no evidence of disease). It is not near the death sentence it used to be.

Lisa P.

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