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Colostomy reversal expereince

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I am planning on having a colonostomy reversal in a few months and I am wondering if anyone has any expereince with this.

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Wish I could give some feedback on this however my reversal has been delayed a year. Lots of luck with yours!

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I was DX on 10 July 06 with Stage II NO/MO colon cancer. Had tumor removed on 10 July 06 with a temp colostomy. Finished my chemo on 3 Nov 06 and had my reversal on 27 Feb 07. Was in the hospital for 6 days. My surgeon cut me in the same incision as my first surgery. I was on IV pain meds for the first couple of days and switched to pill form before leaving the hospital on 6 March 07. Had my staples and stiches removed on 9 March 07. Had minor discomfort while recovery at home. Surgeon had me on a stool softener for a couple of weeks which really helped. I would use the bathroom probably at most 3 times a day for awhile and now (18 Apr) I am using it maybe twice daily.

I have returned to work full-time as of 18 Apr 07. What really helped me recovery so quickly was my physical activity. I was into weight lifting and jogging (15+ yrs). I had to give up weight lifting since July 06, but looking forward to when I can return.

Good luck and keep us informed

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HI there, My husband had his reversal done NOvember of 05, he had the colostomy bag for apprx. 4 months. The surgery was tougher than we anticipated. We somehow expected it to be a walk in the park. You will be fine, the surgery itself took about 6 hours due to the lesions/chemo scars in his bowels. The surgeon had to go really really slow to keep from bleeding problems. I was terrified because I was expecting a 1-2 hour surgery. A little info helps a lot. He is very happy he did the surgery. If you want more info, let me know.

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Hello.... i hope this mail finds you well, Im planing of have my reserval in a week... please tell me about yours Im afraid!!!
thanks Ania!!

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