Prayers for me to finish last chemo

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I have been geting chemo for colon cancer stage IIIc for 6 months and my last chemo has put on hold due to the chemo side effects, low blood cells and a hospital stay.

I have been so inpatient to go back to work, but now everything has been put on hold.


  • jams67
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    It could be that your body has had all it can stand. It takes more for some than others. I only had 5 and a half cycles and my body said, "enough".
    Jo Ann
  • Faith4Cure
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    My thoughts are with you. My husband is having some of the same problems. He was scheduled for his last chemo on Wednesday and his WBC was too low to get his treatment. It is a disappointment when you look forward to that last time and it gets delayed. We know we will get there soon!! Take Care.
  • hopefulone
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    Hi. Sorry to hear about the delay. You'll get there soon ! Keep the faith & God Bless.
  • Betsydoglover
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    Hi -

    My situation was a bit different - I am / was Stage IV - but I know many Stage III folks don't make it all the waty through 12 adjuvant chemo treatments. It might just be time for you to stop - and hey - 11/12 - that's really great!

  • KathiM
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    I finished my chemo on the colon ca, but said a BIG NO! to #4 Adrimycin/Cytoxin for the breast cancer. Did the 4 Taxol. No regrets....I was having heart trouble...

    I agree with the others, sometimes, your body knows better....

    Sending strong prayers...

    Hugs, Kathi
  • lynn1222
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    dont be in such a hurry, give your body the time it is asking for now, so that when your last chemo treatment is over, you can start your road to recovery and never look back. i will be praying for you, god bless you and keep on being positive.

  • taraHK
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    I'm sorry you are having this setback. But do not despair. First, it is relatively common to have a delay of a week or even two due to blood counts or other side effects. Second, not everyone finished all the planned treatments. When I was on FOLFOX, I finished 11 out of 12. My body just wouldn't let me finish that last one. According to my oncologist, a delay of up to 3 weeks does not interfere with the effectiveness of treatment, and there is no evidence showign that 12 treatments are better than 11 -- the number 12 is somewhat arbitrary. I know how frustration it is to have a planned "finish date" and then have that postponed (and the celebrations?!?). Best of luck to you and hang in there.
  • vinny3
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    There is no magic in the number 12. The number of cycles has been largely arbitrary and by tradition. Protocols have changed over the years. For me, my body told me that 9 was enough. I was feeling that the side effect problem was getting too great and would bother me more over time. When I told my oncologist that I was stopping she said that was fine as she had just been at a talk by someone from
    Sloan-Ketterling and they were just doing 9 cycles. You have to just go with what feels right for you. Most people have to delay some treatments.

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    Hi. Sorry to hear about the delay. You'll get there soon ! Keep the faith & God Bless.

    I was getting ready to have my last chemo treatment and my PICC line got infected but they put new one and I finished my chemo. I know what it feels like to have obstacles in the way. I also have Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.