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Help re: diagnosis and scans

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About 10 years ago I had an enlarged thyroid. I got a biopsy which was inconclusive, was told I needed surgery to have it removed, and got to spend what amounted to a couple months pondering the if I had thyroid cancer or not. Luckily, I didn't. Two years ago though, I had a total hysterectomy due to being diagnosed with uterine cancer. After GI problems from the surgery, I was referred for a colonoscopy which revealed several polyps, including one (which was furthest up) that the doctor called pre cancerous. Today there was a second colonoscopy which found more polyps and another higher up mass (the doctor gave it some name but I was still coming out of the anesthesia & at the moment can't remember it). They were all sent for biopsy. I was also given an order for a CT scan and GI scan. The doctor said after that they would have to see where things stand and I would possibly have to go for genetic testing as well.

I have to admit being the third time I've had to hear a possible cancer diagnosis (one of course was a definite diagnosis) in 10 years has completely floored me today. I think part of my posting here is just an attempt to get it all out. I was just celebrating my 2 year anniversary of the uterine cancer recovery, and feel like I've been kicked square in the head and chest.

And needless to say besides being physically and emotionally drained, I'm also scared about entering another barrage of appointments/tests/scans/etc.

I would appreciate any input, suggestions, etc. anyone would have so I can start to gather information. Thank you VERY much for any support, time, suggestions you can offer.

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First off lets say CONFRATS on 2 years of being NED.

I agree with your Doc that you need the genetic testing done to determine whether you could have FAP or HPNCC which causes the body to develop a large amount of polyps.

Remember the OLD saying it is better to be SAFE than sorry. I would have all the tests they recommend to rule OUT EVERYTHING possible.

This family (CSN) will get you through all the rough times and good times, so please keep us all informed of the results.

May GOD give you the guidance and strength you need.

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