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Good news for mom

CFOXX Member Posts: 10
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Hello Everyone:
Finally finished around of test from heart, bladder, colon and stomach from the ct scan results. Everything went very well. All biopsies came back negative (wonderful). But, however, there are 4 areas in the lungs we are watching (hopefully nothing). We start all over again with ct scans in June. I feel confident even though the CEA levels have risen. My mother is in the early stages of dementia and I really am not sure that she knows what is going on so i try not to elaborate too much with her. Maybe I am wrong, but do not want her to worry. I will do all the worrying.

I have been reading all the good news from everyone and think that is wonderful.

best wishes and prayers from mom and myself.



  • micheleamw
    micheleamw Member Posts: 62

    That is WONDERFUL news!!! God is Good...: )

    All the best~
  • betina61
    betina61 Member Posts: 642
    Congrats for the good news,is sooo good to have good results for everyone.
  • hopefulone
    hopefulone Member Posts: 1,043
    Good news Cindy. Keep the faith . God Bless