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WBC dropping!

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I had my "port" put in Friday. During the pre-surgery testing, I was told my white count had dropped to a 3 something. I go to the onc tomorrow and I'll have my blood work done Thursday for my chemo treatment this weekend. I'm curious as to what is done as far as medical treatment when the count drops and what precautions you all take as far as how cautious you are when they are dropping.

As always, I thank you so much for your info and taking the time to answer my questions!

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Hi - I know that my treatment asks for a review once my bloods hit 1.5. I skipped a chemo round a couple of weeks ago because it went to 0.7 so they just gave me a break and by the next week I was back at 3.8. I understand that over 2.0 is normal. They did lower my chemo dose a tinge because of the effects on my blood count. Monica

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Hi Char. Depending on how low it goes, your onc may decide on giving you neulasta ( you can do a web search on it for further detail) Also nurses told us if wbc drops, need to stay away from people with colds, virus, etc. Wash your hands frequently, etc. Good luck & God Bless

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My WBC is always under 4....sigh...made the chemo treatments for both the rectal and the breast cancer a little tricky. I was injected with Neupogin, 4 days in a row, 7-10 days after infusion with my rectal ca....not alot of sides, except for the pain of having to go to the onc 4 days in a row...
With the breast, I had Neulasta. Same stuff, just in a "time-release" formula. One shot, day after infusion. The NEXT day, I had flu-like symptoms, sore shoulders....

BOTH took care of my WBC, but I still have a low count, 1 year post any treatment....I am taking probiotics to help my immune system stay strong...

My count got to .7 one time. Didn't know it, was feeling fine. My onc's nurse called and said 'Where are you?' I said, "Working". She said "How many people?" "Alot". "Can you leave? Otherwise, you may get pneumonia from a simple sneeze". I peeled rubber to home.

Hugs Kathi

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I was taking the FLOFOX chemo regime every other week which can cause your WBC and RBC to drop. Your WBC counts will drop quicker than your RBC because of how your body produces both.

My WBC went as low 0.7 and I had to skip chemo and decide whether to take a booster shot which they have for both, WBC & RBC. I took the WBC, Neulasta which is a time released formula.

I would recommend speakking with your Onc Doc to see what he or she recommends.

Good luck and keep us informed

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I finished my 6 months treatment about 2 months ago,b;ut I did have problems with my WBC and RBC,, after the fourth cycle they put me on Neulasta,one shot the day after treatment, I didn't have any side effects at all,and kept my WBC fine during the rest of the treatment,I do work with a lot of people,and shake a lot of hands, but Purell was my companion allways ,I have it on my office, in my car and in everyone of my purses, I am drinking the DanActive from Dannon, is supose to boost your inmune system and let me tell you I didn't get a cold or nothing during my treatment, so if the Dr. thinks you need to take a shot for the WBC it will be O.K.

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