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LUNG CANCER Relay\run walk blade

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I just lost my my father to lung cancer and yes he did smoke...So What he quit 4 years before he was eventually diagnosed. Everything I see about this disease is geared towards smokers?????? There is no money put into early detection! Why!!!! This is ridiculous why are kids dying of this that have never smoked. We need to raise money for LUNG CANCER research! I Believe we nee to raise money for a Walk, run , blade whatever ... I already have a few sponsors interested let's make this happen PLEASE!

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Let me know what I can do to help. My father was just diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc. When you tell someone their first question is "Does he smoke?". Big deal. My hardworking, wonderful, giving father doesn't deserve any of it.


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Hi Molse,
First off, My Prayers go out to your father, yourself and your family. I totally agree with you my father was the same way, and his Incompetent family doctor would not acknowledge any of his symptoms...PUSH your doctors!!!!

This is a horrible disease that is not being given any attention. My goal is to try and create fundraising dollars for ONLY lung cancer research and early detection. The biggest problem is the stigma that goes with Lung Cancer. You Smoke you die....In Canada How do we account for 15% of non-smokers who die and 35 % who quit. Second hand smoke, Pollution...What???

Info from Lung Cancer Canada site
Twenty two thousand people will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year. More than nineteen thousand will die within five years. More people will die from lung cancer, than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined. More women will die from lung cancer than from breast cancer. Yet, only 3.6 cents of every cancer research dollar is directed to lung cancer. Why? And why is so little being done in the area of early detection when the disease caught early can prolong a life, as has been shown with other deadly cancers?

Let's make something happen, let's make a difference!

Lung Cancer canada receives alot of their funding from Alcase.
Here is an interesting link from their site
little blurb...
Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Although smoking remains the
predominant cause of lung cancer, lung cancer in never smokers is an increasingly prominent
public health issue. However, data on this topic, particularly lung cancer incidence rates in never
smokers, are limited.

Lung cancer in never smokers is an important public health issue, and further exploration of its incidence patterns, etiology, and biology is needed.

I was recently contacted by Lung Cancer Canada and they want to hear more about my idea.

I'll keep you posted.

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