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is cancer back?

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went to see my gyno today because of the elevated CA15 (its at 500). He said cat scan shows a small nodule. It could be nothing or because of my history it could be cancer. He said we wont know till we go in. He will schedule something soon.

Knowing that I had ovarian cancer in 2005 what are the chances that this is NOT cancer again. I want to keep positive. Please give me some hope.

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It could go either way. But 'a small nodule' sounds pretty easy to take care of. Keep the faith and keep your hope. It's good that your doctor wants to investigate this instead of waiting, as some do. Given your history he is doing the right thing. By the way, the blood levels can go up for a number of reasons, not all of them cancer.

Please keep us informed and let us know how you're doing. There's lots of hugs and support here. We really do care about you.

Prayers and hugs,

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Dear Dima, Sorry to hear you are dealing with ovca again, or it sounds like it. But a 2 year remission b4 an elevated ca125 is great. That says you respond to chemo well. And maybe Monika is right it could be something else. Be prepared though for probably another surgery and more chemo. Wish I could say that it's probably not cancer but with a ca125 of 500 unlikely something else would cause that much of an increase. Keep us posted and know you are added to lots of prayers here. Bonnie

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I agree with all the reponses you have gotten so far...I like the sound of it only showing on a nodule because maybe it will be easy to remove. I had a second look surgery and they removed a lymph node because it had disease still present...and it was a while after that that I needed to go back on chemo..so keep the faith..(((hugz)))..Joanne

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A nodule is actually not bad news. I get frequent nods in my liver, and have RFA. In today, out tomorrow. Laura

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