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Hello everyone,
Well, first off I would like to say that my husband Mike had his first colonoscopy since dx. Sept. 05...STILL NED!!!!
Now, on a sadder note, I REALLY need some help. Everyone here is so wonderful and smart, so hopefully I can get some information. My mom was dx. in Nov. with bladder cancer, they removed one kidney, ureter, and cuff of bladder. They were thinking of doing chemo..just to be safe, but first they did a bone scan and ct scan. Well, we got the results back yesterday and I thought it was deja vu all over again only worse! It has spread to her liver, bladder, lung, and spine. The dr. has told her that there is no cure, she will never be in remission, but she may qualify for chemo (but that will depend, because of only having one kidney the chemo may cause to many problems)..he kept telling her that there would be lots of "toxins" going into her body and it would be very rough on her, and he stated that it would not cure her...why do they give chemo if it can't cure? I am used to Mikes treatments...this is what you have, this is what you need to do....
I feel like they have just said, "okay, this is terminal, not much we can do for you" He told us that we have lots of questions, but they are ones he can not answer. I came home and cried like a baby for hours and hours...she has just in the past month picked herself up from depression...she did so much for Mike and I when he when through cancer and I don't want to lose her, and I don't want my kids to lose their grandma...we had to explain to them about Mike 2 years ago, and that was hard but now with my mom and the pronosis not looking good...
I know there are people on here that have tried other meathods besides chemo (any stage 5?)...I really need to find information and try to have a plan in place for my mom to fight this awful disease..We live in Canada, this is the first time I have even considered this approach, but the Dr. is giving us no hope with chemo...any books, places to contact, anything would be so helpful.
I am sorry if anyone is upset that I posted this on the colorectal board and took up space, it is just that I have been coming on here for about a year and a half, and read daily, and trust you guys like you wouldn't believe!
Thanks so much


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    We are here for you. Regardless of what type of cancer, we give support. There are folks here who have battled more than one type, and it's ok to look for answers to things other than colon cancer.

    I have to agree with you on this one. Why get the chemo if the side effects out-weigh the benefits, and will not even cure her? It may prolong her life, but is she really LIVING? I personally think it may be a time to consider controlling the cancer, if you cannot eliminate it. As long as it's not growing and organs are not shutting down, that is a victory in itself.

    I would, if this were my mom, find out other ways to keep the cancer contained. Look at the successes of Lisa (scouty) and emily (2bhealed). For scouty, surgery was not an option. She fought from ground zero to kill this beast, AND WON!

    My heart goes out to you...facing the diagnosis of your husband (by the way, CONGRATULATIONS ON HIS SUCCESS~~we can't overlook that HUGE accomplishment!), raising kids, and helping get your mom on the happy side of healthy. Make sure YOU take care of YOURSELF, too.

    My prayers are with you,