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new to this website

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Hello everyone,
I am glad to have foung this website. I was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer on October 2nd, 2006 and have been looking for a place for support and to help out others as well. However, I was not able to find such a place until now.
I actually enjoyed browsing through the discussions. I now know I am not alone and can share many of the same feelings everyone here is going through.
I went through 35 radiation treatments as well as chemo once a week for 8 weeks. I have been out of treatment for 3 months now and finally starting to feel better.
The lymph nodes in my neck still light up a pet scan, but my doctor feels it is from the rads...I still have some swelling and healing going on.
I still have a peg tube but am slowly starting to eat real food again.
I hope I can be of help to any of you and all of you have already been helpful to me. I look forward to "speaking" with you soon.
Onward & Upward, Steve

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Hi Steve!
my name is Jackie and my husband George is a
laryngectomy, there is a web site that is totally
dedicated to people w/laryngeal cancer and many
of them have had their larynx eventually removed.
not trying to scare you but it is because many
have gone your rought only to have cancer return and then larynx removed. the web site is 11 yrs
now, www.webwhispers.org and a much more active
site. i beleive that there is somewhere around 15
hundred active members. please register, it is free. and i promise this will be the most beneficial site you will ever come across. if
you have any questions email me jacx8475@msn.com
God Bless.

aloha from Hawaii
Jacqueline Elaban.

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Thank you Jackie. I will definate check out the website. I am always interested in finding out as much as I can. My best to you and your husband.

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Hi Steve. Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like you are "on the mend" and doing well! Yea! Question for you: when using your PEG tube, did you do bolus feedings or have a pump?

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Hello alm,
I did bolus feedings...simple gravity. It worked fine for me. My understanding is that pumps are used for patients who are not very mobile...ie lifting your hands above you head for any length of time. Are you using PEG or know someone who is?

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