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CEA information

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Hi all. My husband just finished 2nd chemo IV treatment today and I asked about his CEA. Since I see posts from time to time questioning a slight rise in CEA , I just wanted to share with you what the oncologist told us. She told us that labs results and norms vary a bit from lab to lab, for one. She also told us that sometimes it's not surprising to see a rise in CEA, when undergoing chemo as the meds release the cancer cells when destroying them. I was surprised to hear that where my husband goes for treatments, the "norm "CEA guideline is 10.2, not the 3 & 5 we hear so much about.

On a personal level, he is doing well at this time and his first scan since starting chemo is on April 11th. We are praying for some positive signs on the scan and ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers as I know we all pray and hope for eachother. God Bless and keep the faith.

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I am glad he is doing well. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. This board has been such a help in getting us all together. We do all hope and pray for each other and I look forward to hearing how everyone is doing. Stay positive and keep the faith going stong!


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The CEA level does vary from lab to lab so when it is reported that lab report will usually include the normal range for the CEA at that particular lab. It will vary some naturally during chemo due to the effect on the cells. But it is important that if there is a rise that it be followed more closely to make sure it is not steadily rising which could be ominous if it is a large and continuing rise. For me, the CEA has not, so far, been significant as it has never been above 1 even with the recurrance.


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Thanks for your insight. I hope that your scan went well today and you'll be posting good news soon!

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You and your husband definitely have my prayers for a good CAT scan result.

God bless,


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