Really Nervous about upcoming appointment

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I go to the Gastroenterologist on Wednesday, which I'm sure will lead to a colonoscopy. I have no other symptoms besides the bleeding and urgency, but the bleeding is pretty bad. It first started a few months ago and I had it for about 2 weeks. Then again about 2.5 weeks ago for about 10-14 days. Every BM I would have red blood mixed with stool + massive amounts of red blood in the water, sometimes still dripping + blood on paper. This doesn't come on with hard's there with hard, soft, "rabbit" shaped or "pencil" shaped. It's gone now, and I really had no intention on getting it looked at b/c I am sick & tired of going to the doctor. I am 22 years old and in the past 3.5 years I've had my Left ovary & tube removed, two emergency c-sections with premature deliveries following completely bedridden pregnancies, and stage 3 thyroid cancer with radiation in between the two...but my husband walked in one day and saw it and chewed me out for not telling him or a doctor. So, now I'm going, but I'm really nervous.

Should I be? Am I overreacting?


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    Nervous? No. Interested in finding out. Yes.
    If you had the thyroid cancer chemo, the radiated iodine, you are a BIG HERO for me!!! All I had was chemo/radiation/surgery for rectal then 6 months later, surgery/chemo/radiation for breast cancer. But, I really don't think I could have done the 3 day iodine treatment...WOW!!!

    Yes, your hubby was right....shame on know the best thing to do is treat changes in your body with respect...and get it checked out!!!

    I can sympathize with the sick of doctors...after my breast cancer dx, I got 5 (yes, FIVE) second opinions on the chemo....the one that stopped me was at UCLA breast center...Dr. Preggor....she said...

    "I know you are weary. But, why would you throw out the good fight you fought before with the rectal by not fighting as hard as you can now?"

    PLEASE keep us posted....

    Sending strong, positive vibes!

    Hugs, kathi
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    You are doing the right thing -- going to the gastroenterologist. Of course it is normal to be nervous. I try to reassure myself by telling myself that I am just gathering information -- and hopefully ruling things out -- so that I can sleep easier at night. I hope this is the case for you. Sending best wishes your way and please keep us posted.
    ps I can totally sympathise with being sick of doctors. I'm currently having chemo and my goal is to have "medical-profession-free days" (ideally 10 in a row). Today I had to take my dog to the vet -- tried to tell myself that didn't count!
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    Welcome to the most supportive, loving and understandinf family you will find on the internet.

    I can understand your frustation you are feeling right now in regards to your health, but please keep in mind that you are the only one that can take full-charge of YOUR health and body. Doctors are here to listen to use and provide a service to help us. I wish I had a colonoscopy,but the studies out there indicate at age 50, I am 42 and had constipation problems all my life.

    It is better to be SAFE than sorry. Your body is telling you something is wrong that is why there is blood. Listen and find out what it is because once you know the problem, you can then determine the course of action to solve the problem.

    Keep your family here informed of the results
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    Hi Nicki,
    I agree, you need to go and get that checked out. I am sure your GI will recommend a colonoscopy. I was 31 when I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer, so I can sympathize with you. I started having bleeding in my stools when I was 26, but it was never a lot of blood. I had those fecal blood tests done twice at Planned Parenthood, but of course I was never bleeding on the days they did them. So I went undiagnosed. I totally don't think you are overreacting.
    There are other things that could be going on as well. (ulcerative colitis, Chrons disease, etc.) Since you are having so much blood I wonder if it is some kind of ulceration, rather than polyps? Hopefully it is something that can be fixed with out too much trouble. But ignoring it will not make it go away. You are doing the right thing!
    Please let us know how it goes,

    P.S. I have a colonoscopy this Friday. I always get really nervous about my tests too!
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    It is natural to be nervous but that will only go away when you find out the cause of the bleeding. You don't want anyone guessing as to the cause so the colonoscopy is the best way to find out. Make sure they do anoscopy as well- it is a simple short scope used often at the beginning of a colonoscopy. It is used to get a better look at the rectum as one doesn't see the rectum as well with just the colonoscope.

    Remember- it is more likely a benign cause for the bleeding but it needs to be proved by direct observation.

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    Hi Nicki,

    First, let me reassure you that colonoscopies are no biggie. In fact, I found that the greatest hassle is the prep. Not a lot of fun, but nor is it the worst thing in the world. The most important thing is that you are addressing worrying symptoms and the sooner the doctors can identify what is wrong then the sooner they can treat you.

    I understand how emotionally taxing medical appointments can be, especially taking into account your last couple of years. You certainly have been through a lot. My only suggestion would be to try, if possible, to take things one step at a time. It is only natural to be nervous. For some people talking can be a great comfort. That said, I have found an occasional dose of Ativan to be quite beneficial.

    Best wishes,