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Superstitious Anyone?

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So today I made appointments for PET and CT scans on 4/11. Then I called to make an oncologist appt two days later - happened to be 4/13 as in "Friday the 13th". OK, said I, no problem just do it. I called to make the appointment and the receptionist told me doc was out that day. I joked "Well, who wants to see an oncologist on Friday the 13th anyway". She laughed, but said that actually that day is always a really off day in the appointment department, that my doc had some things to take care of and figured she'd do them that day.

Funny - except now I have to wait from Wednesday to Monday to get official results. (The tech always lets me know if PET results are good - dread the day when he has no comment - but of course with CT the tech says nothing.)

Hoping my onc will call me Thursday April 12 with my results - otherwise it will be a sucky weekend waiting for that Monday 4/16 appointment.


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Betsy.. lol. Just goes to show you how superstitious some people are (i'm one of those!) Hopefully your onc will let you know the results on the 12th so you don't have to wait so long. I'm sure you'll get great results and continue to be NED. Good thoughts and prayers for an All Clear. God Bless.

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Lots of luck with your results. My CT is May 27th but my doctors appt isn't until April 3rd. So I booked a hotel room for a few days for my husband and me so he doesn't go crazy (crazier) waiting for the results. Truly hope you have GREAT results.

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Sue - I'll be thinking of you. The booking hotel is a definite idea - let me know how it works. I so hate trying to plan fun, life events around scans!


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I always tell my friends who complain about time flying by to just get a ct scan and wait for results. That'll slow time down like nothing I know.


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I had my ileostomy reversed on Friday, Sept 13, 2002....I laugh in the face of superstition! lol

I find that you can get a little info from the techs when after the scan, you say, "So, will I see you in another year, or again in a few days?" This allows them to comment without really saying anything and getting into trouble!

Hugs that all will be well with you!


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No matter how busy you are or what you plan it is hard to anticipate or wait for results of a scan. I waited over a week this last time and if I hadn't been extremely busy, I think I would have been a lot more nervous than I was. My advise is to bow your head and say a prayer whenever you think about it and stay very busy.
Good luck!
Jo Ann

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