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Hi everyone I am doinjg well. I had my colon reconnection surgery on 27 Feb 07 and was released from the hospital on 7 March 07. While in the hospital I developed a small PE in the right lung and began the shots while in the hospital and currently taking Warafin 5mg for a period of 6-9 months. I also have a small wound infection that I am taking anitbotics for about a week. My surgeon is talking about letting me go back to work in mid April which is a lot sooner than I thought; 7 May. My next 3 month check-up with my Onc Doc is 17 April.

My surgeon told us that my surgery went very well and he could not see anything or signs of anyting.

Now I am goinmg to try and catch-up on the discussions I have missed since 23 Feb 07.

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Glad all went ok and you are finally back to your real life and real friends. Hope you continue to progress like your doc thinks you will. Jo Ann

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Glad things worked out!

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Welcome back. Glad to hear you are doing ok. Rest and get your strength back. God Bless

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Hi Nudgie...great to hear you are doing well. Now yah gotta lotta readin' to catch up on....I better not keep yah.
Cheers, Ross n Jen

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Hi Nudgie,

Glad you are out of the hospital and doing well. Don't let them push you back to work until you have the energy and are ready. The PE adds some to the recovery time.


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I agree with Dick, Nudgie. Don't push yourself, regardless of what the doctor thinks. Give yourself the time you need. You have gone through a lot. I'm really happy everything went so well. Monica

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Hi Nudgie,

Welcome back and thanks for the update. I am glad all went well. I'm hoping the infection will clear quickly. Heal well.



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Welocome back and congrats. I developed a PE in Nov and had to go to lovenox shots as the warafin conflicted with my chemo. I am stil doing the shots and will so for the next 3 months. Take time getting well and healing.

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Congrats on finally coming home!! Hurray. Now, just heal up slow and easy. I started going for walks in my neighborhood; starting quick and leading to longer walks.. I think it really helped me. SLOW AND EASY!

Hope it is all down hill from here. :) jana

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Congrats, Nudgie! I am glad it went well and you are recovering ahead of schedule. Sorry about the pulmonary embolism. Yuck!

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