Good news and update on liver surgery

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Hello all. Her is a quick history: dx stage 4 colon cancer on 8/28/06. Colon surgery on 9/1 removed 21 nodes, 1 positive. I had a CEA of 17. I had a 3 cm tumor located in right posterior lobe of the liver, by CT and PET. I went on 6 months of chemo (xeloda, erbitux, oxyliplatin) interrupted by a Thanksgiving pulmonary embolism where I was hospitalized. The tumor shrank and going into liver surgery Wed, I had a CEA of less than 1.0 and nothing showed on PET.
Liver surgery is tougher coming backfrom as they dissected the liver and flipped it over to remove the 1 cm tumer. No other spots were found even though they had susspisions.

Now I am 6 weeks off and then 3 cycles of chemo after that. I know at the beginning there were many wonderful people here who understood what I was going through. I feel hopeful as I am NED. I went a different path than most (chemo first to see the effect on the tumor and then surgery and I was sweating more tumors showing up.

God bless all of you. As a 48 year old dad (birthday a couple of weeks ago), I feel like I might see my kids graduate high school.

For liver surgery, I was suprised how low my appetite is, how gummed up I feel (I do get stool softeners) and how painful the cut and drains were. They used glue to sew me up with other sutures under the skin. Any suprises waiting me those of you with experience?
thanks to all


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    Hi Impact -

    The liver surgery news sounds GREAT! So happy for you.

    I don't have personal experience with liver surgery, but when I had my colon surgery my appetite plunged to ZERO! My "plumbing" was working, but I had no appetite - a couple of bites and I was done - could not eat more, no matter the motivation - this lasted about 3 months (really frustrated my husband!) - I have not heard too many other people mention this, but since it happened with me due to colon surgery, I assume it could happen to you due to liver surgery. (I started chemo 6 weeks after surgery, but since my appetite suppression started way before chemo started and ended before chemo ended, I believe that it was related to the surgery - though why, I do not know.)

    Take care,
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    It is great to hear how well you have done!!

    Just remember, when the docs get worried about your weight, they will let you know. I had half of my liver removed 8/05 and now I'm back to my orginal weight. I think the anesthesia and chemo have a lot to do with appetite.

    This time next year you will be fighting to stay thin.
    Jo Ann
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    good 4 u impact ! wwwwweeeeee
    Talking about appetite..who wants some of my 45 pounds ?? Thats how much I have gain in 2 years...
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    Really happy for you!!! Hang in there and I hope the recupe becomes easier by the day!
    Wishing you the best - Maura
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    Good news! It's terrific that you were able to do the surgery, ( am so praying that my husbands liver mets will shrink so it's an option). Best wishes to you for continued recovery . God Bless. Keep us posted.
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    Congrats, Impact!

    You will most certainly see your kids graduate from highschool. Thanks for sharing your success wtih us. We're so happy for you! Keep us posted as you go through the last of your chemo.