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Well, I had my 8-hour doctor appointment yesterday. My CA125 went from 12 to 13 again - I suppose not a big jump, but would have preffered stable or down somewhat. He didn't detect anything on examination and, as I said before, nothing on the CT. He did say we could do a PET scan, but quite honestly it wouldn't show anything if the levels are under 20 or 25. He says to wait it out and watch the blood levels and keep an eye on my pain for changes. It didn't feel very good to hear him say that he had nothing conclusive to tell me - could be the start of something or maybe not. But, at least it was nothing significant to get all hyped up about (I suppose).

Anyway, I had the usual pelvic and rectal exam and also had a pap smear. I must admit he really examined me thoroughly, so as not to miss anything. But the pap smear hurt this time and with all the poking around he did I had really bad cramps and pain all night long. Anyone else experience this? I hope it was normal, or at least to be expected considering the thorough exam.

Well, as always, I will wait till my next test, and the next, and the next. Just wanted to let all you wonderful laides know what the outcome was. I would love to e-mail some of you personally, but time is tight right now. Preparing for my daughter's wedding for April 27! I'm so happy for her, and glad that I have this to look forward to and to keep me occupied.

Love, hugs and prayers to all.

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Hey I say we take it as good news!!!! When my ca-125 jumped from 5 to 15 at the end of July, I thought for sure I was having another recurrence, but just like your Dr., mine also preferred to wait until it became more evident. That took another 6 months!!! So I know how this wait can really bring you down, Remember everyday that your not in tx your body is getting stronger, and that is what is truly the most important thing...also why use up all the good chemos for a littl hike in your numbers when you may really need it down the road..you know what I'm saying? Any way..I loved your news..I think it's really great..relax and enjoy life you deserve it....(((hugz)))..Joanne

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I am sorry that you weren't able to get some peace of mind but what a wonderful event to look forward to! I hope you find answers to your questions and they ease your mind!
Hugs and Prayers

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Monika, I am so happy for you, but also hear a sadness or worry in your voice. Focus on your daughters weddding, how wonderful to be here for that. What an exciting time, full of laughter, tears, hugs and much love. Do you already have your dress picked out? What is the color, what are her wedding colors? I am excited for you just writting about it. :-)

I have raised up Praise prayers for you and your family. You are so lucky and so loved. Love Ya Bonnie

PS Yes I've hurt after an exam, I think part of it is vaginal dryness and 13 is not too low of a number for a PET/CTSCAN, especially if it gives you a peace of mind. So do what you need to do to have that peace - whatever it is. Hugs N Prayers

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Hi Monika, sorry to see you are nervious. Tyru not to worry.. for me 13 is a good number, of course I guess it depends on the Dr. our Onc says that as long at it is under the interval it`s o.k. Your tests turned out fine so you should not worry..enjoy the coming wedding. Being there for your Daughter must me so wonderful for you and I bet you mostly for her. I`m 3 weeks away from my baby's birth and I feel so fortunate to have my Mom here with me.. trying not to think about the bad for know. But your mail has given me and alert. My Mom hasn`t had pap smear, vaginal nor rectal test since dx. The Onc basis on Ca 215 and in case pain he does ultrasounds, CAT Scans, Pet Scan etc. Do you think we should consider these othe examinations as well?? How often do you have them done?
All the best. Liz

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Hi Monika, To me the number 13 is great! Remember, mine jumped up to 33 last month. I'm trying NOT to think about my lab coming up in close to three weeks! Like the other women have said, "Just enjoy this pre-wedding time, and look forward to that wonderful day watching your beautiful daughter walk down the aisle to start a new life!" As busy as you are, and will be, please do keep us posted about the pain, etc. We all care so much. Embarrassed to say, I haven't had a pap for about a year now......need to get that done, I guess. I just hate all of these tests and the waiting so much. Anyway, I can't wait to hear all about your daughter's wedding! Take good care, with love, MichaelaMarie

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Monika, I am so sorry you don't have more peace about your numbers, but I think 13 is good, I know we don't like for them to go up any but I really think lots of things, like stress,other sickness can cause this. Mine is still 43 but it came down from 61, and I really think that could be stress related, I go back the 13th and hopefully they will have gone down more, I don't think I am being unrealistic, am I?
How exciting to be planning a wedding.How old is your daughter? Is it going to be a big wedding? You will have to share pictures with us. I can't wait to help my daughter plan her wedding, what an exciting time. Monika I pray you have peace and just enjoy this time with your family.
You are always in my prayers.
Love and hugs, Jan

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well i have exams every 3 months and yes i have some pain afterwards..as for the ca-125 my onc told me as long as it stayed below 35 all is good..he said a major jump (ex:to 90) would warrant alot of concern..otherwise all was good..mine was a 9 last time but he said it could vary some either way...best wishes to your daughter on her upcoming wedding...keep the faith mopar--you sound like you're doing good..

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