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Home From the Hospital

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Wow what a week...first my sister was so sick she went to the ER...the next day I started to get her sx..I called the onc..because I was told any fever above 100.5 was a call to Dr any hour of the day. MY fever was almost 102..sooo my onc/gyn had me admitted!!! I was there about 1 1/2 days. It's one very nasty flu!!! While I was there they also found that the Gemzar had done a number on my white cell counts..so now I 'm having Neupogen shots...my whole body aches. Anybody have exp with this...how long does this ache go on. I feel so weak and sick right now..I almost ffel like I'm on carbo/taxol again!!!! Sending prayers to all that this horrible flu stays away from you all...Joanne

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That is a very nasty flu...we had it at our house and we are healthy (no chemo etc...). I can't imagine what it must have been like when your system was compromised to begin with. I hope the aches and pains leave you soon.
Hugs and Prayers

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Joanne, I got the shots and taking tylenol helps some. Also want to share with you that everytime I got my Gemzar treatment I ran temps and sometimes as high as 103.7 so it could be from that. I would start taking tylenol or advil and sometimes both, alternating the time I took. I ended up in the hospital ER several times getting fluids to bring it down. I was too stubborn to let them admit me.

Just wanted to let you know so you are prepared after your next round. Hope you are feeling better already. Prayers N Hugs BonnieRose

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Joanne, I am so sorry to hear what you have been through, you certainly didn't need that. Hope you are feeling better now. Bonnie gave a good suggestion alternating the advil and tylenol, that is what they have always told me to do with my children.
You are in my prayers, sending love and hugs, Jan

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Joanne, So sorry to hear about how sick you have been. Here's hoping that you are feeling better every hour. Good advice from Bonnie. Take good care, MichaelaMarie

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Wow is right! You've sure had your share. Hang in there. Everyone seems to be giving good advice. Also, when I had the severe body aches I would soak in a hot tub, sometimes a bubble bath or sometimes these nice therapy salts my husband bought for me. I love a hot bath anyway, so soaking in it really took care of my achiness. Then I'd hop right into bed, so I usually did this at night.

Anyway, so sorry both you and your sister had to deal with this. Prayers and hugs for a quick recovery!


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hello--i have had nuprogen shots and they do have a tendency to cause body/muscle pain..i've never had Gemzar so I cant comment on that..but the flu also causes muscle aches..hope you get to feeling better soon

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