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On February 20th my father had the robtic surgery done by doctor Tewari. It seemed fairly quick. We arrived at the hospital at around 10:30am and the surgeory was completed by 12:20. During the surgery we received information from a nurse that the surgery was going excellent. by 2:00pm we were able to visit my father in recovery. By 5:00pm his was moved to a private room. By 7:00pm he was doing laps around the hall ways after a few initial dizzy spells. By 12:00 the next day they released him from the hospital. I spoke with Dr. Tewari after the surgery. He stated that the surgery went very well and there was very little bleeding. He also stated that he had to do minor scrapping of the nerves on the right side. He stated that he beleives that he removed all the cancer. He gave us a % of 95-98%. However, he stated that he took numerous biobsy's to determine if there was any additional cancer remaining. That is were the2% - 5% comes in were if there is remaining cancer he may need radiation. We will find out the results on Tuesday. The first day of recovery in the hospital was no bad. I think it was becuase he was on morphine and pain killers. However, the next day at home he suffered from sever stomach pains as he had a lot of gas build up. That was a rough 2nd day until that night when he passed gas. It is now day 4 of recovery and he has slight pain in the area were the surgery took place he is a little tired and the incovience of the catheda. However, he is eating walking three miles a day and taking numerous pills pescribed by the doctor. I hope the worst is over. If some one has feed back please dont hesitate to e-mail me. I will keep you guys posted. All you guys were a great help both to me and my father. If any one has questions please feel free to contact me.

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Dear Concerned,

Extend our congratulations to your father. It sounds like the surgery went very well and your Father is well on his way to recovery. Be sure and emphasize the importance of practicing the kegel exercise to your Father.

Congrats again,


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Great news on your Dad. I agree with rogermoore, the Kegel excercises are important. Had my surgery on 12/27/06. I am doing great. Everything working as usual. There is life after prostate cancer. Good Luck and keep us posted on your dad's progress.

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