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Home from Surgery!!!!

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Hi all,
Made it home afer 8 days in the hospital on Tuesday night. Have been really tired and not felt like writing till now. Surgery went very well (stage 3 rectal cancer). I however did have to end up with a permanent colostomy (that is what I am having the biggest issue with). I know it will take a period of adjustment.
Anyway, surgeon said surgery couldn't have gone any better. My pathology report came back great!!! They got clear margins on all sides, 99% of the tumor removed was dead (only a few cancer cells seen throughout it). Radiation and chemo really did the trick. Also all lymph nodes came back negative (I started with 2 positive).
The stay in hospital was not so fun, they had a hard time controlling my pain, and my bladder would not function after they pulled the catheter, then on top of all that I had the worst back spasm ever. Needless to say I was very happy when I made it home to my own bed. Have been doing a little more every day, trying to walk as much as I can. I have a follow up with the Doctor on Tuesday.
Want to start my 4 months of chemo in the next three weeks. Ready to take on the next challenge!!!!


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That's some incredible news you just shared! Congratulations! And welcome home.

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that is great news...sounds like a NED to me !!!

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Problems with pain control, catheters, back spasms ... sounds like an interesting week (and to think I was complaining last week when I had to ask someone to jump-start my car). Well, I hope you have a smooth recovery and adjustment. Congrats on a good pathology report!


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Congratulations on getting through the surgery and on the excellent results. Great that you are walking now -- I believe that is an important thing for good recovery after surgery. I had back problems too after surgery -- I used an electric pad behind my back for several weeks. Hope that resolves soon. My 'story' is similar to yours (stage 3 rectal cancer, permanent colostomy). I know the adjustment to colostomy is a tough one. I hope you have a good stoma nurse helping you? And are you able to try various products to find what works best for you? Feel free to contact me if I can provide any help in that area. Best of luck with your recovery -- sounds like you are well on the path!

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Kiersten, glad to hear surgery went well. Your positive attitude shows. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. As each day comes to an end know that is one day closer to finishing the treatment and getting on with life. Take care and may God Bless you.


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You sound great! So thrilled to hear that your pathology report is so wonderful. Hang in there and do take time to rest; even with this period of adjustment, you have been through a lot last week...
Thinking of you and wishing you only good thoughts - Maura

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You will get stronger everyday. I also HAD stage 3 rectal cancer. There is alot of adjustment to the colostomy, but you will get through this.

If I can help you at all with the colostomy please email me through this site.

Hang in there.


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Hi Kiersten,

Glad to hear the good news. Walking does help in the recovery process. The colostomy is a big adjustment but you will be amazed at how quickly you adjust. For me, the thing that helped the most was switching to an opaque pouch. As mentioned, a good ostomy nurse is most important. You may need to try a variety of pouches and accessories. I also found that using the Eakin rings for sealing worked better for me than using paste but you will find what works for you.

Getting such good news certainly helps to make our day.


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I know after all of that you are ready to be home. The hospital is such a noisy place! Your attitude sounds great, and the walking will really help make you stronger and get everything working again. Glad you're back! Jo Ann

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let me know via e-mail on this site if you have questions about your new pooper. I've been living with one for 5 years now. It will take some time,but you'll adjust and not even know it's there. bud

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Hi Kirsten, welcome home. Sounds like great news . Rest up and know that you are on the road to recovery ! God Bless.

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Hi Kiersten,

Well done, congratulations, excellent news! I have a question. How did you and your doctor's know that you had two positive lymph nodes? My husband's nodes were shown to be enlarged on an MRI and we were told they could not tell us if they were positive or not but he was treated as if they were. He had colorectal cancer and went through chemoradiation also. Had surgery Dec. 06 and pathology came back all nodes negative. You will be surprised at how quickly you recover, after about six weeks it suddenly hit me that my husband was walking at a normal pace. Keep well. My husband started his second round of four chemo treatments today, all is going well - it was delayed last week because his numbers weren't good but 7 days later his numbers are very much higher.

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Two of my lymph nodes lit up on my petscan when it was first done in October.

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I'm glad you are doing well and that your pathology report came back good.. It's always good to get home after a hospital stay..Audrey

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Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. I am feeling a little stronger every day. Taking several walks a day and getting plenty of fresh air. Yesterday was my first outing to Dr. appointment, medical supply store, and my favortie jewelry store with my mother. I know I am on the road to recovery if I can shop-haha. Overall I am trying to rest a lot alternating with periods of walking


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