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Hi Everyone,
Well, after reading my post from Friday night, I have to say I was a little bit ashamed of what I had posted. I knew that I should not have posted that night. Everything was way too new and emotional. Also, I had awoken that morning with a terrible sore throat which I later found out was strep. So, I was not feeling very well. Anyhow, that post did not correctly depict what my family is comprised of. We are a family of faith, strength, and love. Sure, we were absolutely devastated by the news of my mom's latest PET scan, but we are by no means giving up. We are and will continue to fight this beast with everything we have. I think, deep in our hearts, we knew we would come to the day when my mom, for what ever reason, would decide to take a break from chemo. In anticipation of that day, we have been working closely with a naturopath doctor who has a protocol for us already in place. We started this regimen on Sunday. It is a very demanding regimen, but so far my parents seem to have a handle on it. We are going to try this regimen for awhile and my mom will be closely monitored by her onc.
About my mom's onc: I believe she played a big role in my mom's decision to not try the third line chemo. (Erbitux and CPT 11) She told my mom that she would be horribly sick and that her quality of life would be terrible. My mom was already afraid of this line of treatment and with the onc saying that, it just reinforced her fears. I know that ultimately it is my mom's decision to make, and as I said in my earlier post, I do support her in her decision 100%.
On a better note, my mom's blood work is still looking really good. Onc says this is hard to believe because of the stage of my mom's cancer and the progression. I believe it is all that we are doing and that it is supporting my mom's body, and that hopefully it will support her immune system so that it can start to fight this beast.
Today is another day, and a beautiful one here in Colorado. How can I not be thankful for all that we have? We have been such a blessed family, and our faith remains in God. We are back on our feet again and standing strong. I thank each and every one of you for your support and love. I don't know what I would do with out all of you!!

God bless-

P.S. Every couple of years, my mom decides that it is time to redecorate my house. She knows that I have no desire to do this so she has always taken on that task. And because of her, I have a very beautiful house!! As I was typing this, she called and said they are on their way here. I guess my two years are up! Today I am getting all new window coverings...let the decorating begin!!


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    It sounds like you and your family have a good course set out to follow. Your mother is very lucky to have you to help give her that needed support. The fact that she is going to come over for the decorating is wonderful. It is a sign of pushing forward and not something that one would expect if there were a major depression or one was giving up. We all get our setbacks but have to believe that there is a plan in all this even though we might wish that we would be informed of the plan.

    God bless.
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    Dear Valerie,

    How blessed you are to have such a strong relationship with your mom and know that each moment counts. I know we all have different reactions to meds but I just wanted to let you know how it affected me (keeping in mind I am 35). I finished the erbitux and cpt11 treatment in Aug. of last yr. The only real "bad" side effect for me was diarrhea, but they gave me meds to control it. I did not have the nausea, or abdominal pain but as you said it has to be her choice and what a wonderful daughter you are to support her decision. I hope that in you and your familys journey through this you will have a peace that passes all understanding and never give up hope. As so many others on this site, I, too, am a stage 4 survivor. May God continue to bless your family.

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    Valerie, you made my day, you don't know how happy I feel to see how your way of looking at things have changed,God is the Greatest, I am sure he is behind that peace that you are feeling. Get busy with the new decoration project, and enjoy your Mon's company. My prayers are with you and your family.Lots of hugs.
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    Valerie sweetie,

    I don't have a clue why you felt compelled to apologize for what I thought was a pretty good post given the circumstances, BUT I am learning that is what you and your wonderful family are all about.

    NOT FAIR with the interior decorating though. How bout sending her my way for some much needed help. I have the juicer and all the other things she may want for eating if she'll just help me pick a few colors for painting. Just kidding of course, but I would entertain any offers you may have.

    You know I am with your Mom and please remind her every chance you get. I have both of the Christmas photos on my fridge so my thoughts and prayers are communciated many times a day.

    Sincere hugs, Lisa P.
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    It seems like we stay on a roller-coaster of emotions, and it is so easy to get depressed when we don't feel well. I'm so glad that you are feeling better. Being busy with creating your window dressings will help your mother and you. I hope she goes for something bright and cheery. jams
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    Please dont be ashamed...we ALL go thru this once in a while...
    Mine was today when I was puclking at the onc. clinic because of chemo....
    Now I'm no leaving my brains out in the toilet, so I feel MUCH very emotionally...( and physically
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    Hi, I missed your last post...I have not been able to keep up with all the posts lately. I just wanted to say my husband has been on erbitux and CPT 11 for over 14 months now. He does have very good quality of life. I think the main side effects are diarrhea (his is controlled because his pain meds balance out this symptom) and a rash (which is now controlled with meds). If you ever want more info-please let me know. I would be happy to share my husband's experiences. You and your family are in my prayers.
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    Valerie, What else is there to be said. Continue to be strong and have faith. It looks to me you have it All. So most of all enjoy it ALL. Every moment.

    Love& Hugs, Russell