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Good news for now!!!

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Hi all, after summiting my Mom to abdominal-pelvic CT Scan, ca 125, Chest X-rays, mamogrphy and ultrasound..Dr. said everything looks o.k. and that we will meet again in 3 months. He said all her pains are most probably due to surgery and maybe a hernia she has. I due hope everything is o.k. I guess I have to be positive and I can finally sleep and enjoy my babyshower that will be this Saturday. God bless you all. Liz

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Lizper....that is the best news!!!!Enjoy your baby shower, and stop stressing for a day. Maybe you Mom needs some pain pills especially if she has a hernia...my sister had one and it was very painful!!! Since my sister is a stage 1c I was also very concerned and thought it was the OVCA. They gave her pain pills. Have a great weekend and baby shower, and enjoy your Mom's remission time..take lots of pics...spend time with her..tell her you love her...Smiles and (((hugz)))..Joanne

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Yipee!!!! I'm so happy for you. This is what it's all about - one step at a time. Enjoy the moment. I agree with Joanne - try some mild pain meds - maybe even Motrin would help. At least she wouldn't be concerned everytime there's a pain, especially now since you have the 'all clear'.

God bless all of you!

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Dear Liz, What fabulous news! I'm so happy for both of you. What a relief, huh? You couldn't have received a better gift for your baby shower! With joy and gratitude, MichaelaMarie

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Alright Liz!!! Now you spend some time on you. Mom is really okay. Suggest that she worry again in 3 mos. and because we all go a little crazy with the CA125 looming, it's for sure she will be thinking about it then. If she can just kick back a little now, maybe find a wellness group in the area, be able to have some conversation about what she's feeling.
You need this time for you. What a good daughter! And now your Mom gets to meet her grandbaby. Having just become a grandma this last year, believe me, it's something joyous to fill the heart! The gift of life...what a strong connection there.

All the best to you and congratulations!

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Liz, this is truly great news. I know every time my Mom had a new pain she worried that the cancer had come back. So I can relate to what you go through. I agree with Joanne..takes lots of pics and just enjoy the time you spend with her. I am so glad you will be able to breathe a little for the next three months. Enjoy the moments between now and then. All the best, Cindy

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