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new research offers hope

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I just read that MIT and New York's Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory are working on p53 gene. By activating this gene tumors shrink in some cases by 100%. While this study has only been done on mice, it offers hope for finding better ways to fight this disease. I am being treated at a cancer research center and they are making progress in many areas in cancer. Lets just hang in there.

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thanks for the update. The Mayo clinic here is trying measles vaccine. It is a clinical trial right now I think. Pray all the woman on it get good results.

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Where are you being treated? My family want me to go somewhere since the Pleural effusion, I am just very anxious right now to get the scan and x-ray and see what my doctor says. Before they found this I had just started my break from chemo, I finished 6 rounds of carbo/taxetere Dec.27. My ca125 is still at 61 but my body needed a rest. I amazes me if this is cancer that the chemo didnt fight it.


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This is wonderful news. I know that we are all praying for a breakthrough. My oncologist thinks that o.c. has good news on the horizon but still some years away. I'd rather think that it's right there, moments away. What treatment are you the docs using with you..are you on a clinical trial? I am tempted to try the carbo/gemzar combination if topotecan doesn't kick in soon as I am in pain and this is a tremendous challenge to my psyche.
All the best to you today.

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