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pci for small cell lung cancer

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I'd greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has knowledge or experience with doing pci brain radiation. My sister-in-law is now trying to make this decision. She has had great success with her chemo and radiation treatment, but doesn't feel she's getting a lot of info from her doc's regarding short and long term side effects. I'll be grateful for any info anyone can offer. Thanks for reading and responding.

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Hi, I have small cell lung cancer, I will be five year survivor this february, I opted out of the Prophylactic brain Irradiation. It was my own choice against my radiologist. I asked my Oncologist and she told me to ask my radiologist and I pushed her, she just rolled her eyes and said nothing. I decided that I would take the chance and not go thru the treatment. I know there is a 65% chance of brain mets, but I didn't like the short term memory loss.All I can say is to have your sister-in-law read all she can about it and make a decision that she can live with. It is her life and her body.I hope that they told her that she does have a window of two years to decide this. I would also suggest they do a pet-scan to make sure there is no active cancer in her body. The pet-scan is better than the mri or ct-scan. It will show if she has any active cancer . I hope this has helped you some , but always remember , it is your body and you make the choice. In my prayers and God bless. Mike

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Thank you, Mike for your input. It sounds like you may have the same doc, as her's too likes to roll her eyes when my sister-in-law expresses her worries about side effects. I'll be sure to press the issue of the pet-scan and also about the two year window you spoke of. We have been led to believe that the best results occur when done within 8-weeks of ending chemo/radiation. Thank you for giving us more to research and questions for the docs. My thoughts and prayers will be for your continued good health. God Bless. Kathy

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My husband has small cell lung cancer and is now in end-stage. He had the brain radiation, and it didn't make him any the less intelligent, as far as I could tell. I guess it's an individual choice.

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