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Vit C for stage IV approved by FDA

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This is AWESOME news! Can't wait to see what they find! I have a feeling I know what they will find, and all good!

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Finally! It has claimed to help so many people but It is very difficult to get and costly.
Drug companies will hate this if they find good results.


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I am assuming that you are speaking of chelation therapy...?
I've read good (great) things about it. It used to spook me a bit...but hey, after chemo I'm a little shocked at my paranoia of this! And, there has been good research referenced (NIH studies as one).
Thanks for bringing up this topic! I plan to learn (and Google) more about it.

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Very interesting Bud.

Musiclover should check into this for Mark.

FYI, Patrick Quillan who wrote "How to Beat Cancer With Nutrition" is the Nutritional Director of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and they follow his dietary recommendations while you are in their hospitals. They on the my list of what to do/where to go if/when the ole beast ever presents himself again. They also do chemo y'all!!!!!! They do both and are some of the few places in the states that do.

The only negative I can think of is I know NO ONE that has had an experience with them. Anybody??? Would love to hear you thoughts.

Lisa P.

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One would do well to keep in mind that this trial is probably PH 1 0r II, and has the goal of determining maximum toxicity..
Also RE CTCofAmerica, the insurance Co's usually don't cover the non-conventional stuff..


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That is fantastic Bud, thank you for sharing. I also read the other links at the bottom of the page. It is about time that researchers start focusing on the immune system as a way to combat cancer. Yes, the body can heal itself!

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