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Hi. Sorry I was away for so long... you all never left my heart.
I just got some great news and wanted to share.
I have both lung and newly diagnosed bone mets after dx with rectal cancer back in 2001. The bone mets were recently discovered - yuck.

I started the xeloda, cpt11, avastin, erbitux & zometa (for bone strength) last october. My scan from december showed sclerotic changes in the bone (signs of healing).

My CEA started going up for the first time ever last July. It topped off aroung 160... results today are 0.6 TOTALLY NORMAL VALUES.

Just to give any newbies hope. I had been on this chemo mix before... my cancer mutated, releasing CEA; and suddenly on old mix does the trick. I have another scan in March.

So... motto it: 2007 is going to be a marvelous year. Take the ups and downs; and make organic lemon sorbet with all the lemons. I got an ice cream makes for christmas... found a recipe that mixes lemon sorbet with vodka, champagne, and cream making an awesome slush!! :)

Wishing all of you good news as well... if you get bad news. Just hang in there and keep up the fight. I've been doing it for 5 years. I still feel good.

Be healthy, happy, and give free hugs! jana

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YEEEEAAAA!!!!!!! This is wonderful news. I am SO happy for you, Jana. And you bring joy and hope to many. What a fantastic start to 2007.

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You are such a fighter and with an awesome attitude which is 90% of the battle. 2007 will be filled with many blessings.


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YAHOOOOOOOOO!!! Gives me hope as I resume chemo.
I'm very happy for you.

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Way to go Jana,

Just keep putting cancer in it's place! I love your attitude.

I am not sure how you can handle not getting another scan until March. I would be going crazy after having such great news with your CEA levels!

I pray for awesome results from your scans.


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Hi Jana -

I am so HAPPY about your great news! You are right - 2007 will be a good year. Your are an inspiration to me and I am so very happy to hear you are doing well.


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Wow Jana,
That is truely miraculous! I did not even think that they would use the same chemo regimen 2x on the same patient. You know, I thought that once you had tried one, then that was it. Anyway, that is wonderful that it worked this time! I guess you are NED then, right? Are any tumors still showing up on your scans? I certainly would not think so. I think you are correct in saying 2007 is going to be a marvelous year for you. Congrats!
-Susan H.

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congradulations jana on beating the beast. keep it up girl


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Jana, WOOOOW! 160 to 0.6!!! You go girl! That is just great!!! What great news! I am so thrilled for you!

Grinning like the Chestshire Cat,

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You know how I feel!!!!!!!

Backflips....not but act like I did.

Hugs, Lisa P.

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Hi Jana,
I'm so happy for you! It's a great way to start 2007!
Take care and have fun!

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What wonderful news and what a wonderful way to start the new year!!

You are a great inspiration to many people(and their families) who are fighting this fight.

God Bless-


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What great news to start the new year.

I am so happy for you.


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