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Well, Bonnie and everyone, my level had gone down last month from 10 to 9, now it's up to 12. I know that's not much, but to me that's quite a jump considering I had been at 10 for 4 months then went to 9. Oh well, guess I'll TRY not to worry too much. I just lost a friend to ovarian cancer, so it will be hard not to let my emotions get the best of me.

Prayers and hugs to all.

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Monika, I so wish you had some good news to telll. In a way you do, because it is a small movemnet up. But I know how disappointed you must be. Please try not to let your emotions get the better of you. If is very easy to lose a friend and get so discouraged you end up in a slump and start to slide. Our emotions do work on our health. What are you doing at this time for the levels? Are you in the wait and see mode or? I send you a hug Monika, please try to look at this as just a small set-back. Let us know how you are doing. Cindy

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Monika, I am so sorry to hear your numbers went up. And know so well the stress it can bring, even when only a few digits up. Know we are all here lifting you in prayer, for the loss of your friend and climbing number. Maybe it will stay put and is still adjusting from being off the chemo. Hugs N Prayers my dear friend. God Bless

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Hello Monika! I'm sorry that you also have had a slight increase in your number...me too. In a month, mine went from 15 to 17. I just had my test again yesterday, and am suppose to see my doctor tomorrow! I'm so scared! By the way, I've had a major computer meltdown, all of my settings went out the door, so I could no longer sign on to CSN. We finally decided to register with a new name, e-mail address, etc. So, this is actually MichaelaMarie, now known as Keelie. I look forward to hearing from you. By the way, I also have a new e-mail address. I was on the phone with "India" the other day for over 2 hours(about the computer)! I sure missed all of you girls and especially the connection with knowing there is always someone to give an encouraging word when the going gets tough! Remember, though, that there is always 'normal' fluctuations with the CA-125 number. What does your doctor say? Well, I look forward to hearing from you. Take good care, your friend, MichaelaMarie, aka Keelie.

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MM, so good to hear from you! I will make note of the new name in my 'favorites'. I'm sorry to hear yours has gone up also, so I guess as always, we will all fight this together. I so wish we could all meet, share hugs, stories, and encouragement all in person. Until that day, I'm so grateful that technology enables us to connect. But I sure understand your frustrations with the computer. We've been there many times and spent countless hours on the phone with well-meaning, but language-challenged individuals. Nonetheless, so glad you're back. Hugs, prayers and blessings.

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Hello, I just wanted to reply to your message.. seems that I have read somewhere and wish I could remember where.. that there is a new blood test taking the place of the CA125 I will be going in next month for that same blood test.. boy do i dread it it's like take the final exam at the end of the school year.. nervouse and wondering if you passed or not. Amazing how those numbers drive ya nuts.. lol.. I sure hope your numbers come down so you are able to relax and enjoy the new year!! I'm going to ask my Doctor about the new blood test... take care and i'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!! sending **HUGS**

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Monika I am so sorry to hear that, the effect this has on you mentally is hard, My numbers are at +67 right now after 6 rounds of carbo/taxetere. I never thought I would be doing this again. My doctor wants to give my body a break so if everything looks good on my cat scan in a week I will take about 3 months off and then start the Doxil (Bonnie). I really don't want anymore chemo. A friend of mine ask me the other day how my health was and I thought a moment and then it was like well if I heard someone else talk about recurrence and after 6 rounds ect.. I'm not sure I would think they were going to make it.I know that sounds depressing but mentally I don't really feel this is happening but outside the box thats how it looks. I guess thats why you don't dwell on stats or facts very long. Ok sorry for being depressing, I do believe in miracles, and I know God is the answer I think I have just been in a dry place and I need to get back in the word, and he will lift me up!

Well it is good to see MM back!!!!

Take care Monika, and you know stress can cause the numbers to go up too.

Take Care and God Bless

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They don't give my mother her CA-125 number. She has the blood test and if there is a concern, the doctor will tell her. She likes it that way because then she doesn't get worried if there is a fluctuation that the doctor doesn't think is significant. I've noticed that most doctors don't do that-according to the postings I read.

I'm sorry that this is causing you stress and worry. I'm also sorry about your friend.

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Thank you so much for your concern and your condolences. As for the numbers, I've always been the type of person to want to be informed. I can deal with whatever I need to, I just don't like the unknown. So, maybe your mom's doctor figures ignorance is bliss, and he'll let her know, as you said, if there's something to be concerned about. Quite frankly though, there have been times that I feel had I not pursued certain situations (CT results, blood results, etc.) with my doctor, it might have taken him a little longer to choose a course of action.

Thank you again so much for replying. It is so good to have so many people to connect with even to just get some feedback. Mostly, it's great to have the compassion, friendship, understanding and hugs along the way.
Have a wonderful day!

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